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Discover our exquisite Hair Jewellery collection online, where elegance and beauty meet to adorn your tresses in style. Our handcrafted jewellery is perfect for every occasion, especially for brides seeking that extra sparkle on their wedding day. Explore our captivating bridal hair jewelry designed to enhance your bridal look with grace and sophistication. Whether you're preparing for a traditional Indian wedding or a contemporary ceremony, our collection of wedding jewellery has something for every bride. Elevate your hairstyle with our stunning head jewellery and make a statement that everyone will admire. Discover the perfect finishing touch for your locks at Silvermerc. Shop Now!

Hair Jewelry: A Glamorous Touch to Your Look

Hair jewellery consists of intricately designed ornamental accessories crafted to embellish hairstyles. These exquisite pieces are carefully created to elevate beauty and add charm to overall look. Examples like Maangtikas, Mathapattis, and Bridal head jewellery play a significant role in bridal attire, bringing a regal touch to brides on their special day.

Beyond their visual appeal, hair jewellery holds cultural significance, connecting wearers to their heritage and traditions. These accessories offer versatile styling options, allowing individuals to express their personality. With meticulous attention to detail, high-quality materials, and timeless appeal, hair jewellery serves as a captivating means of self-expression. Whether incorporated into modern or classic hairstyles, it symbolizes beauty, grace, and cultural identity.

Exploring Different Types Of Hair Jewelry Styles

Hair jewellery comes in various styles and designs. Each design adds a unique charm to your hairstyle. Let's explore some popular types of contemporary & traditional Indian jewellery for hair. 


Mathapatti is a traditional Indian hair accessory that gracefully drapes across your forehead, adding an elegant touch to your look. In addition to this, it is a classic choice for special occasions like weddings. With beautiful design, it is often adorned with gemstones, pearls, and intricate details, making it a regal addition to any bridal outfit.


Maangtika is a versatile hair adornment placed at the center of your hairline. It showcases exquisite designs and may incorporate gemstones and unique shapes, enhancing the bride's beauty on her wedding day. Maangtikas perfectly complement both traditional and contemporary hairstyles.


The Borla is a distinctive round-shaped hair accessory traditionally worn by brides in Rajasthan, India, creating a regal and majestic appearance. It is a statement piece known for its bold design. They are often intricately crafted and embellished with gemstones or pearls, symbolizing tradition and elegance in Rajasthani culture.

Head Chain:

A head chain represents a modern and trendy hair accessory that gracefully drapes across your head, offering a stylish appearance. Comprising delicate chains adorned with gemstones or beads, it can be worn with various hairstyles, adding sophistication and charm to your overall look.

Ear Chain:

Ear chains, also known as maangtika earrings or hair chains, are delicate chains that connect the ear and hair, creating a graceful and ethereal look. These chains are designed to complement traditional Indian hairstyles, especially buns and updos, featuring intricate details and occasional gemstones or pearls, elevating the overall elegance.

Occasions to Wear Hair Jewellery

Hair jewelry complements a variety of occasions. Here are some scenarios where you can adorn your hair with these exquisite pieces:

Bridal Hair Jewelry for Wedding:

Your wedding day is the most significant day of your life, and our bridal head jewellery is crafted to make you look and feel like a queen. Explore our range of bridal hair jewelry, from traditional Maangtikas to modern Mathapattis, to find the perfect match for your wedding attire.

Formal Events:

For formal gatherings and events, our hair jewelry adds a touch of sophistication and glamour to your look. Please choose from our elegant head chains, Borlas, and Maangtikas to make a lasting impression.

Casual Wear:

Even in your everyday life, you can elevate your style with our hair jewellery. Our collection includes versatile pieces that can be worn casually, adding a subtle yet chic accent to your hairstyle.

Choosing the Right Hair Jewelry

Choosing the right hair jewellery involves several key steps.

Determine Your Style: 

Consider your style – classic, traditional, contemporary, or trendy.

Occasion Matters: 

Think about when you'll wear the jewelry – weddings, formal events, or casual occasions.

Material Selection: 

Decide on the material that suits your taste and budget, like gold, silver, or alloys.

Hair Jewelry Type: 

Explore various types like Mathapatti, Maangtika, Borla, Head Chain, and Ear Chain.

Budget Planning: 

Set a budget that aligns with your preferences.

Hair Jewelry Care and Maintenance

  • Handle hair jewelry with clean hands to avoid oil and dirt buildup.
  • Protect it from chemicals, moisture, perfumes, and hairsprays to prevent damage.
  • Store hair jewelry separately in a soft pouch or box to avoid tangling or scratching.
  • Regularly clean with a soft, dry cloth and inspect for any issues.
  • Consider professional cleaning and maintenance when needed to restore its shine and integrity.

Latest Trends in Hair Jewelry to Get Inspired

The latest trends in hair jewelry are all about making a statement and adding a touch of glamour to your hairstyle. From traditional to contemporary styles, here are some trends to get inspired by:

Floral Elegance: 

Floral-inspired hair jewelry, with intricate designs and delicate petals is a timeless choice for weddings and special occasions.


Bohemian-style hairpieces featuring feathers, beads, and natural elements bring a relaxed and free-spirited vibe to your look.

Pearl Embellishments: 

Pearls are making a comeback, adorning hairpins and combs for a classic yet modern touch.

Minimalist Accessories:

Simple, sleek, minimalist hair jewelry pieces are perfect for everyday wear, adding subtle sophistication to your hairstyle.

Crystal Clusters: 

Hairpins and barrettes adorned with crystal clusters or gemstones provide a sparkling and glamorous effect.

Geometric Designs: 

Contemporary hair jewelry with geometric shapes and metallic accents offers a modern and edgy look.

Bridal Bling: 

Brides opt for statement headpieces with bold crystals and intricate designs to enhance their bridal beauty.

Hair Chains: 

Delicate chains that drape elegantly across your hair are a unique and trendy choice for various occasions.

These trends showcase the diversity and creativity in hair jewellery, allowing you to express your unique style and personality while adding a touch of elegance to your hairstyles.


How do I choose the right hair jewellery for my hairstyle?

Consider your hairstyle, event, and personal style. Elaborate pieces like Mathapattis suit formal occasions, while simpler options are great for casual wear. Ensure it complements your hair and makes you feel confident.

Where can I find hair jewellery online for different occasions?

You can find hair jewelry online at, which offers diverse collections for various occasions.

How do I choose wedding head jewelry?

Choose wedding bridal head jewellery based on attire, theme, and hairstyle. Mathapattis and Maangtikas are popular choices.

What materials are your hair jewellery pieces made of?

Our hair jewelry pieces are crafted from high-quality materials like sterling silver, pearls, and gemstones, ensuring elegance and durability.

Are there specific styles of hair jewellery for Indian weddings?

Indian weddings are known for their luxury and tradition. Maangtikas, mathapattis, and other ornate headpieces are popular choices for Indian brides, reflecting the cultural richness and grandeur of the occasion.