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Silvermerc provides the precious elegance of stone bangles, with every piece created with precision and care. Our broad collection covers everything from traditional designs to modern trends providing something for everyone. Whether you are searching for a subtle accent to your daily style or a bold statement piece for the occasion.Those stone bangle designs will go with any outfit. Each bangle is made from exceptional materials and features a variety of stones ensuring durability and timeless beauty. Shop our collection online to find the perfect bangles that match your own style and add a touch of elegance to your collection of jewellery.

Explore Our Exclusive Collection of Stone Bangles Online

Discover a beautiful collection of stone bangles at Silvermerc where tradition meets trendy fashion. Our wide range appeals to every preference from bold new designs to classic styles that endure. Our stone bracelets are made to attract and beauty, whether you want to add shine to your daily style or shine at a special occasion. 

Types of Stone Bangles Available

Our collection of stone bangles is exactly designed to appeal to many different kinds of individual preferences and tastes. Whether you are looking for something traditional or an updated twist on traditional styles our collection has something for everyone. Here is a review of the types of stone bracelets that are offered in our online store. 

Silver Plated Stone Bangles

Enjoy beauty with our silver-plated stone bracelets, that will add an element of richness to any style. These bangles display reliable artistry and the dazzling attractiveness of stones set in shiny silver. 

Gold Plated Stone Bangles

Our gold-plated stone bracelets offer the best in style. Each piece of jewellery features a golden glow that is increased by the brilliance of embedded stones and creating an essential for any jewellery lover. 

Multi-Stone Bangles

Our multi-stone bracelets are perfect for those who love colorful stones and a wide range of patterns. These stone bangles designs have a variety of stones which provides versatility and style that will match any outfit. 

How to Style Your Stone Bangles with Different Outfits & Jewellery

Stone bangles designs are versatile accessories that can turn any outfit from average to outstanding. Whether you are dressed up for something special or just want to add a touch of beauty to your normal look, here is how to pair your bangles with various clothes and other jewellery pieces: 

With Ethnic Wear

Traditional Stone bangles designs are an essential accessory for ethnic wear. Elevate your look simply combining them with Indian attire such as sarees, lehengas and salwar suits. Choose bangles that match or improve the colors of your outfits. For example a set of emerald stone bracelets will appear beautiful with a green saree. Finish your look with a similar necklace and jhumka earrings from Silvermerc. 

With Western Outfits

Bangles additionally provide a stylish appearance to western wear. Select classy single-stone bracelets to complement gowns or formal work outfits. These bangles offer an element of simple beauty without overpowering your entire look. For a more casual style layer bangles in various colors and shapes to create an active beautiful design. To bring out your bangles, pair them with simple stud earrings

Mixing and Matching with Other Jewellery

Stone bracelets look perfect with different kinds of jewellery. Match the metal of your bangles with other pieces, such as rings and necklaces for a complete fashion. To add factor to your accessory game, try combining stone bracelets with metallic bracelets or beaded cuffs. 

For Special Occasions

For weddings, parties and other official events, choose bangles with detailed patterns and colorful stones. Pair them with some beautiful gowns or cocktail outfits. A carefully selected stone bracelets can serve as the mainstay of your appear, specifically if it contains gemstones such as sapphires, rubies or amethysts. Complement this look with a matching stone necklace and earrings for a complete and appealing result. 

Day to Night Transition

Bangles are perfect for transforming an outfit from day to night. Wear a single bangle with a casual outfit such as a shirt and jeans to add beauty without being too fancy. As the evening approaches add more bangles or even a statement ring to increase the drama for nighttime celebrations. 

Shop for the Classic Stone Bangles Online from Silvermerc

We takes pride in offering a premium range of classic stone bracelets that mix traditional workmanship with modern designs. Buy stone bangles online shopping with us ensures not only access to outstanding jewellery but also a pleasant and simple purchasing experience. Here is why Silvermerc should be your go-to online store for buying stone bracelets. 

Wide Range of Selections

Our online store provides many kinds of bangles, including carefully made traditional bangles to elegant modern types. Each bangle is meant to showcase the natural beauty of the stones and is available in a wide range of metal finishes including sterling silver and gold-plated. Whether you prefer bright multi-stone bracelets or beautiful single-stone settings you will discover bangles that suit your style and occasion. 

Easy and Secure Online Shopping

We understand the importance of a hassle-free buying experience. Our website is designed to be simple to use, allowing you to explore, select, and purchase your favorite bangles with a few clicks. We emphasize security and hence we use modern technology to secure all transactions and secure your personal and payment information.

Competitive Pricing

We are committed to providing premium stone bracelets designs at affordable prices. We believe everyone should have a choice of fashion jewellery without compromising quality, which is why we offer the most affordable prices for our beautiful items. 


1. What are Stone Bangles?

Stone bangles are bangles that generally include jewels or stones attached to metal. They can be found in a wide range of designs and metals including silver and gold. 

2. Are there any varieties of stone bangles?

Yes, we have a large collection of stone bangles including silver-plated, gold-plated, and multi-stone options. Every design caters to different preferences and occasions you will be able to select from. 

3. Can I wear stone bangles to work?

Absolutely! Our lighter stone bangles designs are perfect for workplace wear. They provide a sense of elegance without being significantly attractive which makes them perfect for work environments. 

4. What is the difference between Kada and stone bangles?

Kada is a kind of thick, rigid bracelet that is popular in many South Asian cultural norms. Stone bangles on the other hand, are more flexible and enhanced with stones and they can be worn in couples to create a layered effect.