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A dupatta, the Bhagwa cloth, is a mark of culture, tradition and personal style. The simple yet special piece of clothing often forms the core of South Asian attire beyond the ordinary, upgrading the looks of the wearer and making them look pretty, and honourable also. The chunni is specially designed for such occasions but also is used to finish the look in the case of everyday wear. Let's explore the world of chunni, see how you can choose and wear it best, and know why Silvermerc is your to-pick spot for online purchases.

Famous & Trending Types of Dupattas

These colorful and amazing objects are assembled in the world of ethnic fashion by using the dupatta for women which are known for their variety and elegance. Such essential clothes are not only functional but also they are the style elements that complete the look of traditional South Asian outfits. Here is a quick short description of the variety of chunnis available at Silvermerc: 

Silk Dupatta

This symbolize luxury and elegance. They are well-known for their iconic satiny texture and shine, which provide your look with a luxury touch. These are the most appropriate during weddings, festivals, and other formal events when a stylish statement is a must, and are a brilliant choice. 

Cotton Dupatta

Cotton scarves, appreciated for their comfort and breathability, are suitable for daily wear. Available in a variety of shades and designs, they complement most outfits, providing both style and comfort.

Net Dupatta

This provide a soft and a little heavenly touch either hand embroidered with enhanced with embroidery, sequins or lace. That said, they are a common choice for evening wear, bringing an air of elegance and sophistication to your look. 

Banarasi Dupatta

Banarasi chunni are known for their attractive patterns and exquisite embroidery. If you like traditional beauty and traditional crafts, you should add these chunni to your wardrobe. They were designed in Varanasi, a city renowned for its long tradition of hand weaving.

Pairing Dupattas with Outfits

Matching scarves with costumes is an art that can uniquely turn an outfit into a special piece. The right scarf can make an outfit even more feminine, elegant, and above all, richer in colours and shades. Here are some ideas on how one can match with various outfits that'll make you look amazing.

With Lehengas

The right scarf can make a wonderful pair when paired with a lehenga. A scarf, whether draped classically or in a more trendy manner, will bring out the beauty of a lehenga and make it suitable for official occasions. 

With Kurtis and Jeans

Pair a light, pleasant chunni  with your kurti and jeans for an attractive, modern look. This set is perfect for casual gatherings where comfort and style meet. 

With Kurta

Without a scarf, a classic kurta outfit is incomplete. Select from fabrics such as cotton, silk, or handmade dupatta designs to complete your outfit and add an appearance of enhancement depending on the occasion. 

Transform Your Look with Exquisite Dupatta Draping Styles

Adding gorgeous dupatta designs draping styles to your outfit will elevate it from ordinary to amazing. Your outfit can have an entirely new look based on how you drape your chunni. Here are a few stylish techniques for drape your dupatta for women to help you achieve an outstanding look. 

Front open drape

Styling your fancy dupatta online with the front open drape is a stylish and simple way to add style and beauty to your outfit. This draping performance can adapt and can be used for formal events and also for casual social events.

Gujarati drape

The Gujarati Drape, also referred to as “seedha pallu” in Gujarat, is a unique and traditional method of wearing a saree pallu tucked in. This elegant arrangement improves the traditional elements of the saree while displaying the beautiful embroidery and work on it. 

Side Drape

The side drape is a popular and practical style for Indian clothing that adds elegance and practicality to traditional clothing. This drape method which is excellent for people who want to appear basic but elegant will show off the chunni graceful appeal without making it look crazy or too hard to manage. 

Double scarf drape

The double drape is the best style to focus your attention on, if you are looking for owning a graceful traditional outfit. This draping style has become a trend as it complements classic taste and brings out a little flavor of modernity 

Why Choose Silvermerc for Buying Dupatta

There are several reasons for selecting Silvermerc when shopping for scarves, that make it the ideal spot to make your purchase if you're searching for quality, variety, and design. Here's why we are the most suitable solution when it relates to buying chunnis and dupattas online: 

Unmatched Quality

We are dedicated to offering the best available products. Our collection of scarves is carefully crafted using high-quality fabrics that ensure longevity and durability. You can depend on the excellence of our fabrics and the accuracy of our craftsmen no matter whether it's silk, cotton, net, or banarasi.

Exclusive Designs

We are pleased with our unique variety of designs that are suitable for a range of tastes and occasions. Our collection of scarves, which varies from traditional to contemporary, can be identified by distinctive patterns, embroidery, and adornments. The following items are made to provide your outfit with an extra dash of elegance and individuality so that you can appear elegantly unique.


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1. What is Dupatta?

A dupatta is a long, scarf-like piece of cloth traditionally worn by women in South Asia. It's draped over the head and shoulders and is an essential part of many ethnic outfits, including lehengas, salwar kameez, and Kurtis.

2. How can I choose the right dupatta for my outfit?

When choosing a dupatta, consider the fabric, colour, and occasion. Match or contrast it with your outfit, and select a fabric that complements the overall look. For formal events, silk or embroidered dupattas are ideal, while cotton or net dupattas are better suited for casual wear.

3. How do I maintain the quality of my dupatta?

To maintain your dupatta, handle it with care. Wash it according to the fabric type, usually opting for hand washing or dry cleaning for delicate materials. Store it properly by folding and keeping it in a dry place to prevent fading and damage.