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A bridal nath, a symbol of traditional beauty, can raise your wedding look. The latest styles in Indian fashion can be found at Silvermerc Designs, which include elegant pearl designs to classical gold plating. Looking for an option a little less typical? View our collection of bridal nose pins, that are perfect for adding a bit of subtle sparkle. Are you ready to search for your perfect nath online? Explore Our Bridal Nath Collection Now and Shine on Your Wedding Day! Shop Bridal Nath Online Now!

Indian Bridal Nath: A Timeless Indian Jewellery for the Bride

Bridal nose pins, which are known as Bridal Nat or bridal nose jewellery, reflect a lot more than style; they are icons of Indian culture and happy weddings. This piece of jewellery, wrapped by brides for generations of people, provides the wedding attire with an impression of luxurious elegance. With an organized dedication to detail, our bridal nath segment offers a variety of designs suitable to satisfy every bride, emphasizing the beauty and uniqueness of every piece. 

Our Latest Range of Bridal Nath to Buy Online

A vital part of Indian bridal jewellery,  naths can be purchased in a wide range of styles and designs, each carrying an individual beauty and finesse. Brides may choose from a variety of popular kinds of bridal nath online, including : 

1. Classic Gold Nath

A timeless element, a simple gold nath can often be customized with pearls, precious stones, or elegant filigree work. Brides who desire traditional, beautiful jewellery prefer to love this type of nath. 

2. Pearl Nath

The main feature of pearl naths is their timeless elegant, delicate appearance. These naths, which commonly match pearls with gold or silver, offer a beautiful yet glamorous touch that matches perfectly with any wedding attire. 

3. Kundan Nath

Kundan naths are known for their superb craftsmanship and impressive appearance. These naths are made of gold and precious stone layers, convey lavishness, and are suitable for brides who like to appear royal. 

4. Meenakari Nath

Meenakari naths, which feature vintage enamel work in luxurious shades, are vibrant and colorful. For brides who prefer to include an explosion of colour in their bridal outfit, which consisted these naths are perfect. 

5. Diamond Studded Nath

A diamond-studded Nath is an excellent choice for anyone wishing a touch more glamour and luxury. These Nath have diamonds set between platinum or gold, resulting in a stylish and shining appeal. 

6. Clip-On Nath

This clip-on nath provides an appealing and convenient selection for brides who do not have a nose piercing. Though they resemble classic naths in physical appearance, these naths have been designed to be clipped onto the nose without having a piercing.

7. Contemporary Nath

Modern and traditional design elements are applied in contemporary Nath. Brides who prefer to honour traditional jewellery concepts while presenting an individual statement will discover these naths to be excellent. 

8. Bejeweled Nath

Magnificent bejewelled naths are usually decorated with various kinds of gems, pearls, and diamonds. They are prominent pieces that emphasize the bride's charms and work perfectly with lavish wedding dresses. 

Elevate Your Bridal Nose Pin with Stunning Outfits and Jewellery

Pairing a bridal nath with the right outfit and jewellery is essential for creating a cohesive and stunning bridal look. Here’s how you can perfectly match your nath with your attire and accessories while considering bridal nath price:

Traditional Lehenga and Nath Combination

Outfit: Set up in a highly embroidered lehenga with standard pastel, maroon, or ruby tones. The lavish embroidery on the lehenga should fit well to complement nath's design. 

Nath: Such outfits appear lovely with a traditional Kundan or Polki nath, especially when it's embroidered with pearls or various precious gems that match the sewing on the lehenga. 

Jewellery: Matching earrings, maangtikka, and polki or kundan necklaces will complete the entire look. To create an overall appearance, ensure that the jewellery metal and stones match well with the nath. 

Contemporary Gown with Modern Nath

Outfit: Choose a modern wedding gown or fusion clothing in elegant shades like off-white, ivory, or gold for a class bridal outfit. ⁤

Nath: ⁤Select a trendy, basic, or diamond-studded gold nath that enhances the entire look without being overpowering. ⁤

Jewellery: ⁤To keep up your classy and attractive design, pair with simple gold jewellery or beautiful diamond jewellery. ⁤

Saree and Nath Ensemble

Outfit: For the wedding day, a designer saree featuring excellent draping or a traditional silk saree can be an excellent choice. 

Nath: The rich fabric and colour of this saree will be enhanced with a gold nath with ruby or emerald accents. For an alternative, a nath featuring pearl flourishes will offer a bit of elegance.

Jewellery: Dress up with stunning earrings, bangles, and jhumkas which resemble the designs featured in the saree and nath. 

Fusion Outfits with Eclectic Nath Styles

Outfit: Wear a fusion ensemble, that includes a modern drape with traditional patterns or a lehenga with a crop top, for a unique look. 

Nath: Consider a nath that integrates traditional and modern decorative elements, including a wrapped nath with individual designs or a Meenakari piece with contemporary motifs. 

Jewellery: To improve the fusion theme, mix and match multiple jewellery styles, for example modern bracelets with classic chokers. 

Why Choose Silvermerc for Your Bridal Nath?

Selecting Silvermerc to buy bridal nath online means going with an entity that provides gorgeous items that perfectly express the soul of Indian bridal beauty, while also sitting at the point of tradition and modern. Here are a few factors why Silvermerc should be the initial option for your bridal nose nath:

Exquisite Craftsmanship

Silvermerc takes great satisfaction in its excellent expertise. Skilled artisans patiently make each nath, combining traditional designs with modern elements. The close attention to detail ensures that every nath is a work of art that enhances the bride's appearance instead of just another piece of jewellery. 

Unique and Diverse Collection

At Silvermerc, design variety is of the highest priority. Understanding that every bride has a unique style, Silvermerc delivers a broad range of bridal nose Nath, that include traditional gold patterns adorned with pearls and precious stones to modern pieces with a brilliant diamond group. With such a variety, every bride will be able to discover a nath that fits either her wedding gown or personal preference. 

High-Quality Materials

At Silvermerc, quality is never compromised. The bridal naths are produced using only the finest materials, ensuring excellent glow durability, and an elegant feel. ⁤Each nath, whether it consists of pure gold, sterling silver, or genuine gemstones, has been designed to endure and transform into a valued culture that may be passed down through the generations. ⁤


What is a bridal Nath?

On their wedding day, women wear a traditional Indian nose ring called a bridal Nath. It is a vital component of bridal jewellery, symbolizing both marital status and beauty. 

What is the significance of wearing a Nath on the wedding day?

It is a long-standing Indian tradition to put on a nath on the wedding day to represent the bride's cultural history, purity, and honour. It is believed to boost the couple's bond and bring good fortune. 

What are the different styles of Bridal nath available?

The bridal nose pin online comes in a selection of styles suitable for both non-pierced and pierced noses, which include simple studs to delicate rings set with pearls, diamonds, or other essential stones. 

How do I choose the right Nath for my wedding day?

Taking the bride's wedding dress, face structure, and personal style into consideration is essential while finding a suitable bridal nath for pierced nose. It should boost your whole bridal look and go perfectly with your wedding attire.