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Elevate your dance moves with our Ghungroo Anklet for women, a silver pattilu that adds rhythmic charm to your every step. Unleash the spirit of traditional dance with these beautifully crafted paijan, designed to complement your movements and create a mesmerizing audiovisual experience. Embrace the enchanting jingle of ghungroo payals as you dance, making a statement of grace and tradition. Discover the perfect fusion of style and tradition with our Ghungroo Anklet online – your ultimate dance

Explore Our Beautiful Ghungroo Anklet Collection

Ghungroo anklets, an appealing and musical jewellery have captured many hearts with their soft tinkling sounds and beautiful patterns. Whether you are performing a classical dance or just want to add an ethnic element to your modern attire. Payal is a perfect mix of tradition and style. Silvermerc collection of ghungroo payal online provides various kinds of attractive and beautiful designs. With every movement, these anklets provide a lyrical sound to your appearance making them essential for any jewellery collection. 

Explore Various Types of Ghungroo Anklet

Ghungroo pajeb with their little metallic bells have a long tradition with classical Indian dancing and attire. They have grown into a wide range of styles that fit various styles and occasions. At Silvermerc we take pride in offering a wide range of ghungroo anklets online that mixes traditional charm with modern style. Here is a deeper look at some of the different kinds in our collection. 

Silver Plated Ghungroo Anklet

Our silver-plated ghungroo pajeb is a tribute to excellent craftsmanship. These anklets are made of durable and beautiful materials and contain little carefully attached ghungroos which produce an enjoyable, lovely sound with every movement. These anklets are perfect for cultural events and classic parties and they match both ethnic and modern outfits. 

Gold Plated Ghungroo Anklet

Our gold-plated ghungroo pajeb are perfect for people who like a more luxurious style. They offer an elegant golden shading that is enhanced by the musical elegance of ghungroos. These anklets are a lot more than just accessories. They reflect style and tradition, which makes them perfect for weddings and festive celebrations. 

Ghungroo Charms Anklet

Our ghungroo charms offer a modern twist to the traditional ghungroo. Anklets include various kinds of meaningful charms intermingled with ghungroos. These charms including everything from small elephants to leaves and stars, individual your anklet, which makes it unique and meaningful. They are perfect for casual wear or as mindful gifts for loved ones. 

How to Style Ghungroo Anklet with Different Outfits and Various Jewellery

Anklet with ghungroo is more than basic traditional fashion jewellery. They are a versatile enhancement to any fashionable collection. Ghungroo pajeb, with their unique sound and beautiful look can improve a wide range of clothes, from casual to formal. Here is how to style ghungroo payal with different outfits and pair them with other jewellery items. 

Pairing with Traditional Attire

Ghungroo anklets enhance traditional Indian clothing such as sarees, lehengas, and salwar kameez. A silver plated ghungroo pajeb combines perfectly with silver jewellery such as jhumka earrings or an attractive silver necklace. The silver ascent will reflect a uniform design that enhances the ethnic wear. A gold-plated ghungroo pajeb will add a touch of elegance and beauty to a festive occasion or wedding looking beautiful with gold bangles and elaborate gold necklaces. 

Styling with Western Wear

Combining pajebs with western attire results in a fashionable and unique fusion. Pair the basic anklet with ghungroo with jeans and a traveling shirt for a casual, boho-chic design. During the summer you can style them with a long dress or shorts for an enjoyable and stylish look. To keep the anklets in focus while maintaining a balanced style combine with simple minimalist bracelets or a watch. 

Casual and Contemporary Looks

Choose ghungroo charm anklets to provide your outfit with a more modern edge. These outfits excellent with simple clothes like skirts and t-shirts, providing a touch of tradition to an overall trendy look. To continue the playful and free spirited atmosphere wear multiple chain necklaces or charm bracelets. 

Mixing and Matching with Other Accessories

anklet with ghungroo looks stunning when paired with other accessories. If you are wearing a ghungroo pajeb, match it with simple earrings and necklaces to avoid controlling the look. On the other hand if your anklet is simple you can try with different jewellery items. The goal is to achieve a balance between visual weight and elegance with your accessories. 

Why is Silvermerc the Perfect Place for a Ghungroo Anklet?

When it comes to getting the best ghungroo anklet, Silvermerc is the obvious pick for a variety of strong reasons. Here is why purchasing your ghungroo pajeb from Silvermerc will be an unforgettable experience:

Exceptional Quality and Craftsmanship

Every anklet from Silvermerc is carefully crafted and of excellent quality. We use the finest materials to ensure that every piece is not only stylish but also durable. Our ghungroo pajeb are handmade of solid metals and finished with either fine silver or gold plating providing them with a luxurious design without sacrificing lifespan. 

Wide Range of Designs

Silvermerc takes pride in providing a variety of ghungroo anklet designs. Whether you prefer something traditional and beautiful, like our traditional silver plated anklets or something far more trendy like our charm anklets, we have something to suit all occasions and tastes. This variety ensures that every customer will find something that exactly matches their unique style as well as the unique requirements of any event or outfit. 

Affordable Luxury

We believe that people should have access to beautiful, comfortable accessories without spending excessive prices. Silvermerc offers affordable without compromising quality or style. This method makes luxury accessible to a broader audience offering everyone to own a piece of highly cultural and beautifully produced jewellery. 


1. What occasions are ghungroo anklets suitable for?

Ghungroo anklets are flexible and suitable for many different kinds of situations They are perfect for cultural and traditional events like weddings and dance performances, but they additionally make a stylish addition to your everyday casual outfit. 

2. How do I care for my ghungroo payal?

To take care for your ghungroo payal, keep it in a dry area and wipe it with a soft and dry cloth. To maintain the sparkle and durability, keep it away from water and chemicals like perfumes. 

3. What is the difference between Ghungroo and Payal?

While both are types of anklets, ghungroo is designed with little bells that make a sound when moved and typically utilized in dance. Payal, on the other hand refers to anklets in general, which can or cannot include bells and are available in a variety of designs and materials.