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Beaded anklets are a type of ankle jewelry made with various beads, which can include glass, metal, wood, or gemstone beads. These anklets come in diverse styles and can be worn for casual or more formal occasions. In different Indian languages and cultures, beaded anklets are referred to by various names. Here are some names in different Indian languages:

1. Payal (पायल) in Hindi:

Payal generally refers to anklets in Hindi, and beaded anklets may be called "manchali payal" if they are specifically adorned with beads.

2. Kolusu (கொலுசு) in Tamil:

Kolusu is the Tamil word for anklet, and beaded anklets may be called "manjal kolusu" or "maanga kolusu" depending on the type of beads used.

3. Nupur (নূপুর) in Bengali:

Nupur is the Bengali term for anklet, and beaded anklets may be referred to as "mancha nupur" or "ratno nupur" based on the inclusion of beads.

4. Ghungroo (घुंघरू) in Sanskrit:

While ghungroos are traditionally small bells strung together, beaded anklets with a similar jingling effect may be called "manchali ghungroo."

In Hindi, beaded anklets may be called "Mani Payal" (मणि पायल), where "Mani" refers to beads, and "Payal" means anklet.

In Tamil, beaded anklets might be known as "Mani Kalungura" (மணி கலங்குரா), where "Mani" means beads, and "Kalungura" translates to anklet.

In Telugu, they could be called "Mani Padasaramu" (మణి పదసారము), where "Mani" denotes beads, and "Padasaramu" refers to anklet.

In Malayalam, beaded anklets may be referred to as "Mani Padasarangal" (മണി പാദസരങ്ങള്‍), combining "Mani" for beads and "Padasarangal" for anklets.

Beaded anklets are popular across India and are often worn on various occasions. They are favored for their versatility, as they can be styled in different ways:

Casual Wear: Pair beaded anklets with casual outfits like jeans, skirts, or summer dresses for a laid-back and bohemian look.

Beachwear: Beaded anklets are a popular choice for beachwear, complementing the relaxed and carefree vibe.

Traditional Attire: Coordinate beaded anklets with traditional Indian outfits, such as sarees, salwar suits, or lehengas, to add a touch of modernity and style.

Layering: Experiment with layering by wearing multiple beaded anklets on one ankle or combining them with other types of anklets for a more eclectic appearance.

Different types of beaded anklets may have specific names based on the types of beads used or their designs. For example:

Crystal Bead Anklet
Seed Bead Anklet
Gemstone Bead Anklet
Glass Bead Anklet
Wooden Bead Anklet

Ultimately, styling beaded anklets is a personal choice, and they can be mixed and matched to suit individual preferences and fashion sensibilities.