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Shop evil eye ankle bracelet. Evil Eye Anklet protects from bad omen. It wards off evil energy. Evil eye anklets are a perfect protector from nazar and are used as nazaria in ladies as anklets in India. Discover payal in black thread and Black evil eye anklet at Silvermerc online store. Protect yourself and stay stylish.

Discover Our Exclusive Collection Of Evil Eye Ankle Bracelet

Embrace classic style and keep off evil energy with our unique collection of Evil Eye Bracelets from Silvermerc. Every piece in our collection is an original piece of art, skillfully and creatively that is provided to radiate charm and integrate protection and style into one stunning accessory. Our handmade Evil Eye Anklet Bracelets are formed out of high-quality materials, confirming durability and strength. Whether you're looking for an affordable addition to your everyday wardrobe or an attractive highlight for an important event, our selection has plenty to suit every taste and preference. 

Types of Evil Eye Anklets

The types of anklets that we provide are limited to these few occasions. While maintaining the protective meaning linked to the Evil Eye pattern, each kind offers a distinctive 


Silver Evil Eye Anklets:

These anklets appealingly mix heritage and elegance, delivering both beauty and protection. These handmade anklets are made of premium silver, ensuring durability and an evergreen sparkle. Along with providing a modern and stylish look, silver metal can also serve as a neutral foundation that combines perfectly with a variety of outfit colours and patterns. 

Evil Eye Beaded Anklets:

Evil Eye Beads Anklets combine antique significance with modern design elements to generate an exciting and vibrant complement to any fashion jewellery collection. Small, colourful beads are attached to create these anklets, and charms or pendants with the evil eye motifᅳa mark of protection against negative forces are consistently tossed in between. 

Evil Eye Thread Anklet:

The evil eye bead, which is carefully connected to the thread and serves as a primary preserving element, and placed in the centre of each anklet. Mostly built from glass, ceramic, or metal, the charm has details with classic blue and white colours that symbolize the evil eye's power to shield the person wearing it against negativity and provide good fortune. 

Evil Eye Minimalist Anklets:

The concept of "less is more" is represented by the minimalist evil eye anklet for women, which offers a beautiful yet stunning style of jewellery. These anklets feature a simple, basic design; the primary part is often a small evil eye charm fitted on a thin chain. Generally designed simply, the charm might include a small blue bead or a simple representation of the evil eye symbol, which is said to shield those who wear it from negative energy. 

Evil Eye Anklet: Styling Tips for Different Occasions

Anklets are versatile elements of apparel that can be styled in any way to suit any event. They also add an element of protective symbolism to a variety of outfits. The following style tips will assist you apply women's evil eye anklets on different occasions: 

Casual Outings

Simple anklets or evil eye threads go nicely with jeans, shorts, or flowing gowns for social gatherings or everyday use. The plain design of the anklet offers a relaxed outfit and an elegant though minimal charm and makes it perfect for social occasions like coffee dates or shopping visits. 

Work or Professional Settings

Select a sleek silver evil eye bracelet that appears good beneath pants or can be paired quietly with a mini skirt while you are in an office environment. This creates a balance between your unique style and professional ethics by providing a personal touch to your professional clothing without being visible. 

Beach or Vacation

Beaded evil eye ankle bracelets offer an enjoyable and vibrant addition to your beachwear, so they are perfect for vacations at the beach or tropical trips. For a trendy look, pair them with sandals and flowy beach dresses or skirts. They are perfect for exploring coastal towns or chilling by the ocean. 

Formal Events

For more formal occasions like evening events or weddings, go for a refined anklet finished in silver or gold. These may add an aura of richness and mystery to your professional look when paired with elegant attire, including evening gowns or cocktail outfits. 

Festive Occasions

A meaningful highlight to traditional attire, an anklet can be utilized during festive occasions or festivals. Choosing an anklet that matches the colours and designs of your dress; an evil eye ankle bracelet with beads or complex embroidery would add to the uplifting atmosphere. 

As a Layered Accessory

In addition, mixing with other anklets may create an elegant and individual look. You can also increase the intensity of your accessory game by mixing various kinds of evil eye bracelets, for example, a minimalist anklet paired with a beaded one. 

Why Choose Silvermerc for Your Evil Eye Anklets?

Selecting Silvermerc for your evil eye anklet online means selecting a brand that emphasizes genuineness, design, and quality. We stand out in the market for several reasons. 

Superior Quality and Craftsmanship

We are committed to providing long-lasting high-quality jewellery. Beautifully designed from the finest components, which include 925 sterling silver, each one of these anklets is ensured to last for a long time and to shine. As a result of their resilient construction, the anklets will continue to hold up over time because of their visual appeal and protective abilities. 

Diverse and Unique Collection

These anklets from Silvermerc are available in a variety of designs that suit any taste and occasion. Each product in the collection is carefully made to match a variety of preferences and styles, from vibrant beaded designs for a more colourful and fresh look to minimalist designs that suit those who prefer simple styles. 

Cultural Richness and Symbolism

Considering the evil eye's cultural and religious significance, we honestly and sensitively incorporate this important symbol into its anklets. Each accessory is a symbol that holds positive and protective energy linked with the evil eye, instead of just a piece of art. 


What is an evil eye anklet?

These evil eye anklets are a type of jewellery featuring the evil eye mark worn around the ankle and are believed to protect off evil spirits. 

What does the evil eye symbolize?

The evil eye is an antique symbol of protection that is used to ward off unfavourable and evil forces that are believed to be discharged by hate. 

Can I wear an evil eye anklet all the time?

It is okay for you to always wear an evil eye anklet. It is meant to be a meaningful and durable product that matches many different kinds of outfits and lifestyles. 

Are there different designs of evil eye anklets available?

Yes! For those with a wide range of hobbies and tastes, Silvermerc offers a wide variety of evil eye anklet designs, that vary from silver to beaded and minimalist to thread anklets.