Toe Rings

Toe rings are foot finger rings also known as bichhiya, chitki are body jewellery worn by Indian bride since wedding day. At Silvermerc Designs, we honor the rich history and significance of toe rings in Indian culture. From ancient times to modern trends, toe rings have adorned the feet of women, adding elegance and charm to their look. Explore our collection of toe rings online in India, featuring a variety of styles, including traditional bichhiya designs and contemporary twists. Elevate your style and celebrate the beauty of tradition with Silvermerc Designs' exquisite toe ring collection. Ready to step into timeless elegance? Shop now and embrace the allure of toe rings.

Select Stylish Toe Rings For Your Feet at Silvermerc

Toe rings have been for decades an element of Indian style and tradition, providing beauty as well as value to women feet. At Silvermerc we understand the unique blend of tradition and fashion jewellery. Whether you are searching for essential jewellery or an iconic piece. The variety ensures that every woman will find the perfect fit. In our collection has been created with care and style in mind, and it is designed to improve your personal style. Explore our collection to find the perfect leg rings that match your individuality and grace. 

Diverse Styles of Trendy Toe Rings for Women

These are more than just fashionable items. They display fashion and value in culture. With the growth of online buying products, the selection and accessibility has increased dramatically offering something unique for every taste and occasion. Here are a few of the most popular types offered online 

92.5 Silver Toe Ring

These toe ring for women, designed with 92.5% pure silver are durable and feature an amazing finish which makes them outstanding for use every day. Silver leg rings are harmless, comfy and they keep their brilliant sparkle over time making them an attractive choice among women. 

Plain Toe Ring

These are perfect for those who value style as well as simplicity. These rings are without complex designs or details offering in a sleek and simple look that can go with any outfit. Plain bichhiya are flexible and can be used as a gentle statement of elegance. 

Kundan Toe Ring

These are beautiful jewels made from traditional Indian gemstone settings. These are famous for their detailed design and generally covered with stunning crystal or precious stones set in a coated in gold base. They are perfect for weddings, festivals and other formal occasions where an element of power is needed. 

Antique Toe Ring

Antique leg rings are designed to offer a vintage or natural appearance. These bichhiya are attractive among people who love traditional jewellery with meaning as they can have detailed designs and traditional polish. They appear perfect with ethnic wear and can add a historical touch to modern outfits. 

How to Style Your Toe Rings with Outfit and Jewellery

These are adaptable accessories that may offer an individual style to formal as well as casual wear. Toe ring for women have to be designed with outfits and other jewellery pieces that require both creativity as well as care for detail. This is how to style to match your overall look while making a style statement.

With Casual Wear

These are perfect to enhance regular everyday outfits. When dressed in jeans and a t-shirt or a summer dress, use a simple silver or plain leg ring with plain sandals or open toed sandals. The small sparkle will add a stylish element to your simple outfit. For a more organic appearance try an antique or ethnic with flowy skirts and peasant tops.

With Formal Attire

For more formal occasions or workplace wear pick beautiful that feature a Kundan or stone encrusted trend for a stylish appearance. When changing from closed shoes with covered toes to stylish heels on an occasion, wear on a visible toe. When you put off your formal shoes, you may discover an unexpected and pleasant detail.

With Ethnic Outfits

These are originate in Eastern civilizations and are usually paired with ethnic wear. Wear beautiful ethnic with sarees, lehengas and salwar suits. Traditional designs of Kundan or antique enhance the high level of detail of ethnic outfits properly, adding to the overall traditional impression.

Pairing with Other jewellery

For an additional logical look, combine with other pieces of jewellery. A silver leg ring can be paired with silver anklets, bracelets or earrings. If you are wearing a stone-encrusted leg ring perform to pair the color of the stone with your necklace or earrings to create an overall look. Keeping the metal consistent across your jewellery items helps in providing an organized look. 

Why Choose Silvermerc to Buy Toe Ring Online?

Silvermerc is the best option for buying toe rings online offering an efficient shopping experience to help you find the perfect without leaving your home. Our carefully selected collection offers everything from bichhiya to our most significant all at reasonable prices. With an attention to premium materials and modern designs Silvermerc is a premier online store for women. Whether you are enjoying buying online or searching for the best jewellery. Our dedication to quality ensures that every interaction is enjoyable.


1. What is a Toe Ring?

A toe ring is a ring designed particularly to be worn on the toes. It is a common accessory in many cultures and usually consists of metals that include silver or gold. This can be simple or luxurious and they can be used as Symbols of culture or fashion statements. 

2. How Do I Find the Right Size in Toe Rings?

Finding the right size for a toe ring is critical for both comfort and beauty. At Silvermerc we offer adjustable leg rings that fit different sizes, helping you to wear your leg ring comfortably all day. For fixed size rings check the toe size where the ring will sit before comparing it to the size table available on our website. 

3. Where is the Best Place to Wear a Toe Ring?

Toe rings can be worn on any toe, but usually go on the second toe from the big toe. This position is not only comfortable but also the most visually appealing allowing the to be noticeable and significant. Whether you wear it alone or with other leg rings for a multilayered look is dependent on your style and the occasion.