Buy Matha Patti Jewellery For Women

Complete your bridal jewellery with our exquisite Matha Patti bridal collection. Discover Matha Patti jewellery online, thoughtfully designed to fuse tradition with modern elegance. Our women's Matha Patti maangtika features a diverse range of head jewellery, from timeless sheeshpatti to sheeshful jewellery. Elevate your wedding jewellery with our online bridal Matha Patti jewellery. Buy now and radiate like never before!

Elevate Your Beauty with Matha Patti

Mathapatti's timeless charm and cultural significance make it an essential piece of jewellery for Indian women. Whether you're a bride looking for the perfect wedding adornment or someone who appreciates the beauty of tradition, a Mathapatti adds an aura of elegance and grace to any occasion. Discover our Mathapatti jewellery collection, where tradition meets contemporary charm. Style your Indian hairstyles with women's matha patti. Top hair accessories for braided hairstyles, perfect for brides and bridesmaids.

Types Of Matha Patti Online:

1. Traditional Kundan Mathapatti: 

Experience the allure of tradition with our exquisite Kundan Mathapatti collection. Adorned with colourful stones and intricate patterns, these pieces are a timeless addition to your ethnic ensemble.

2. Bridal Mathapatti : 

Style your wedding look with our bridal Mathapattis. Exquisitely designed hair adornments with a feminine touch, ideal for weddings and festive celebrations.

3. Sheeshphool Mathapatti : 

For the fashion-forward souls, our contemporary statement sheeshphool Mathapattis are a must-have. Bold designs, unique shapes, and a fusion of materials make these pieces stand out, adding a modern edge to your traditional look.

4. Chand Mathapatti: 

This style resembles a crescent moon (Chand) and is characterized by a curved or crescent-shaped central pendant with embellishments. It adds a touch of celestial elegance to the bridal ensemble.

5. Jadau Mathapatti: 

Jadau is a traditional jewellery-making technique that involves setting uncut gemstones in intricately designed gold settings. Our Jadau Mathapattis are known for their opulence and craftsmanship. Explore now!

FAQ about Mathapatti

Q1: What is a Matha Patti?

Matha Patti is a type of traditional head accessory worn as an alternative to the maang tikka. Derived from two words - 'Matha', meaning forehead, and 'Patti', meaning a strap or band, this traditional head jewellery is an integral part of an Indian bride's solah shringar, typically worn on her wedding day.

Q2: How to style a Matha patti?

Mathapattis complement a variety of ethnic outfits, including sarees, lehengas, and salwar suits. Style your Mathapatti with an open hair style for a modern look. You can wear it in the middle for a traditional appearance or try it on the side for a modern style. Silvermerc Designs offers exclusive hair bun accessories with Mathapattis that can add a glamorous touch to your attire.

Q3: Are matha patti and sheeshphool suitable for all occasions?

Yes, Mathapatti and sheeshphool are versatile and can be worn on various occasions such as festivals, weddings and cultural events. They can also be worn as elegant hair accessories for bridesmaids.

Q4: What do we call Mathapatti in English?

Mathapatti, also known as a forehead ornament or headpiece, is the English term for this traditional South Asian hair accessory. It consists of a central pendant attached to a chain or strands that drape across the forehead, creating an elegant and ornate look.

Q5: What should I consider when buying a bridal Matha Patti online?

Consider the design, metal type (gold, silver, or imitation), gemstone preferences, and your budget when selecting a bridal Mathapatti online.

Q6. Where can I buy Mathapatti online?

You can conveniently purchase Mathapattis online directly from Silvermerc's website, a trusted source for exquisite bridal accessories. Explore a diverse range of Mathapattis, each designed with meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail. Mathapatti prices may vary based on factors like design, metal type, gemstone embellishments, and quality, ensuring options for various budgets. Shopping on Silvermerc offers both convenience and access to high-quality Mathapattis, making your purchase a reliable and enjoyable experience.