Buy Choker Sets Online

Choker sets have been adorning necklines for centuries, tracing back to ancient civilizations. These timeless accessories have evolved into a fashion staple, symbolizing elegance and sophistication. Explore Silvermerc's exquisite collection of chokers, blending classic designs with contemporary flair. From stunning Kundan chokers ideal for weddings to tiny pearl pieces perfect for nighttime events, find the perfect accessory to elevate your style. Step into the world of fashion with our handpicked choker necklace set, available online in India. Embrace the charm of chokers and necklaces, and make a statement with Silvermerc's stunning collection.

Antique Choker Sets For Women

The historical charm and excellent finishing of antique choker sets make them unique. These choker and necklace set, which often have designs with fancy designs and jewels add a feeling of elegance to any outfit. For those who are looking to combine their modern wardrobe with an element of past glamour. Our collection offers pieces that are perfect. These sets are a reflection of India rich jewellery set tradition instead of just accessories. 

Types Of Choker Sets

There are many various types of choker and necklace set, and each have unique with unique beauty and individuality. To match both traditional and modern tastes, these sets can be created from a variety of materials and decorated with a variety of jewels. Here are some of the popular types of choker sets that Silvermerc offers. They are perfect for enhancing any outfit, from rustic elegance to traditional wedding wear. 

Kundan Choker

Kundan chokers are famous for their rich patterns and luxurious beauty. These chokers, that are made of glass gemstones set in gold or silver display classic Indian design skills. With its beautiful style, a Kundan choker from Silvermerc is the perfect choice for weddings and other special events. 

Pearl Choker

Pearl chokers are popular for both daytime and evening events due to their class and simplicity. Pearl chokers from We are designed to go nicely with both modern and ethnic wear and add an elegant appeal to any style. 

Diamond Choker

We provides amazing beauty in their diamond chokers ideal for people who like a little bit of sparkle. Because each perfectly set diamond attracts the light and provides an amazing effect these chokers are perfect for evening events. 

Meenakari Choker

Meenakari chokers are famous for their beautiful patterns and bold colors. Choker and necklace set look creative yet royal due to this traditional gloss design on the metal. A number of colorful, beautiful Meenakari chokers from Silvermerc are perfect for special occasions. 

Bridal Choker Set

Any bridal jewellery set requires a bridal choker set for bridal as the center of attention. choker necklace sets are designed exclusively for brides. These collections have elegant designs and magnificent additional elements that go perfectly with the richness of a bridal gown. 

How To Pair Your Choker Necklace Set With Your Dress

It is the art of pairing a choker and necklace set to your clothing so that beauty and elegance mix perfectly to enhance the whole impression. A good choker can make a major impact on your outfit, whether you are dressing for an official or casual occasion. You will become a master at pairing your set with different dress designs by following these steps: 

Casual and Unique Styles

Choose choker jewellery sets that provide an element of uniqueness without overtaking the whole look for relaxed and unique looks. When wearing basic outfits like jeans and a shirt or a comfortable maxi dress, go for simple quiet chokers like a velvet band or a gentle metal piece. If you want a rustic or unique appearance then combine your choker with longer necklaces crafted from similar materials or colors. If you want an elegant yet relaxing design look into pairing your choker with a long pendant or a series of small chains. 

Evening Gowns and Cocktail Dresses

When dressing for official events, select a choker that enhances your beauty. Cocktail and evening dresses look beautiful with chokers set with pearls, diamonds, or unique metallic designs. Ensure that the choker you select matches the neckline of your dress. If the neckline of your dress is high, go for a small, modest choker. If it is sleeveless or sliding, go for a more additional piece. Avoid wearing too big or long earrings that may take away from the effect of the choker. Instead, use earrings that match the design and material that match your choker. 

Wedding and Bridal Attire

A choker for a bridal dress will match the dress and the height of the occasion. A vibrant Kundan or Meenakari choker can work perfectly with a cultural bridal design, while a pearl or diamond choker might offer an antique twist to a classic white wedding gown. It is important that you pair bracelets and earrings with the choker so they complement it instead of overshadowing it. 

Mixing Textures and Colors

It is okay to pair various textures and colors. An attractive addition can be provided with a colorful Meenakari choker if your outfit is basic or displays few designs. As an alternative, combining different items such as leather or metal with cloth may create an individual look that offers your outfit more depth. 

Why Silvermerc For Modern Or Traditional Choker Sets

When you choose Silvermerc for your choker set online, you are choosing a luxurious, stylish brand. The choker jewellery sets are designed to fit into a variety of outfits and occasions, popular with both traditional and modern tastes. We offer stylish and traditional sets that are ideal for every occasion, be it an official evening or your wedding. 


1. What Is a Choker Set?

A choker sets consists of a tight-fit necklace that fits around the neck. We provide sets can be paired with extra bracelets or earrings, enhancing the look of the set. 

2. What Are the Different Types of Choker Necklace Sets Available?

A variety of choker necklace sets such as Kundan, pearl, diamond, Meenakari and bridal chokers are available at Silvermerc. Each type provides an individual flare and style that fits various kinds of occasions and styles. 

3. How Do I Choose the Right Choker Set for Me?

When selecting a choker sets consider the occasion, your outfit, and your personal style into consideration. Pearl and Meenakari chokers are perfect for less formal or daytime parties, while diamond and Kundan chokers are ideal choices for formal occasions. 

4. How Tight Should a Choker Necklace Be?

A choker should fit around the neck comfortably without being too tight. For the best fit, ensure there is enough space between the choker and your neck to allow one or two fingers.