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Crowning Glory: Rajputi Borla Maang Tikka Jewels

A Borla Maang Tikka Jewellery is a specific type of traditional Indian jewellery worn on the forehead. It is a piece of head jewellery that typically consists of a decorative pendant attached to a chain, which is worn on the center parting of the hair. The pendant, often circular in shape, is known as the "Borla."

Few Variations And Types Of Rajasthani Borla Maang Tikka Jewellery:

Traditional Borla:

This hair jewellery features a round or dome-shaped pendant, often adorned with intricate designs, pearls, or gemstones.

Kundan Borla:

Kundan refers to a traditional Indian form of gemstone setting. These head jewellery are decorated with Kundan stones, giving them a vibrant and regal look.

Polki Borla:

Similar to Kundan, Polki is another form of traditional jewellery that uses uncut diamonds. Polki headpiece feature uncut diamonds set in a gold or silver base.

Temple Borla:

Inspired by temple architecture, these headpiece often have intricate designs and are crafted with traditional motifs.

Antique Borla:

Antique rajasthani headpieces are designed to have an antique or vintage appearance. It may feature oxidized metal and elaborate detailing for a timeless look.

Contemporary Borla:

Some modern variations incorporate contemporary designs, making use of geometric shapes, minimalistic styles, and innovative materials.

Multi-layered Borla:

Instead of a single chain, some multi-layered headpieces may have multiple layers or chains, adding complexity to the design.

When looking for Borla design or fashion jewellery, you can find various designs and styles based on regional influences, personal preferences, and the occasion for which it is intended. It's a beautiful and significant piece of jewellery often worn during weddings, festivals, and other special events in India. 


What is the significance of Borla?

The Borla holds significant cultural and aesthetic value in Rajasthani tradition. It is a distinctive type of Maang Tikka, characterized by its spherical shape, which is often associated with the sun and the moon.

Who can wear Borla?

In modern times, women of all ages and marital statuses can wear the Borla, especially during special occasions like weddings, festivals, and cultural events.

What is the name of Maang Tikka in Rajasthani?

In Rajasthani culture, the Maang Tikka is often referred to as "Borla" or "Rakhdi."