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Indian Hand Jewelry for Bride: The Hathphool and Hathpan

For an Indian bride, the joy of adorning beautiful jewellery from head to toe is unmatched. And one such beautiful hand jewellery is the Hathpan, also known as Hathphool or Panja in traditional usage. This ornate chain of hands runs around the back of the palm and is connected to a ring and a bracelet or bangle, adding a majestic air to the bride's mehndi-coloured hands.

The history of Hathphool goes back centuries, and it was a beloved jewelry item for women in Persia and during the Mughal dynasty. Initially made with Kundan in floral themes, it became known as hath ka Phool or hathphool. But over time, designers have transformed the Hathphool into a range of designs to suit the different tastes of women.

Today, Hathphool can be intricately fashioned to give the bride a royal appearance at her Muhurtham, or it can simply glitter to give her a subtle appeal that matches her glamorous clothes for her reception. It's a versatile piece of jewelry that adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to the bridal trousseau.

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Key components of Hathphool include:

Bracelet/Handpiece (Haath Band):
A central bracelet or handpiece that adorns the back of the hand. This portion is often crafted with elaborate designs, including flowers, leaves, or other traditional patterns.

Finger Rings (Angoothi):
Attached to the central handpiece are rings designed to be worn on one or more fingers. These rings may feature coordinating elements such as small chains, gemstones, or additional floral motifs.

Chains and Connections:
Delicate chains connect the central handpiece to the finger rings. These chains are often adorned with beads, pearls, or other embellishments, enhancing the overall aesthetic.

Hathphool holds cultural significance and is an integral part of bridal jewelry in many South Asian weddings. It symbolizes beauty, grace, and the ceremonial nature of the occasion. Brides often wear Hathphool in combination with other traditional jewelry pieces, such as bangles, necklaces, maang tikka, and nose rings, to create a cohesive and stunning bridal ensemble.

History of Hathphool
Haath Phool, a traditional piece of Indian jewelry, was once believed to be exclusively made with Kundan or Jadau. However, this is not the case, as it was often crafted with uncut stones, diamonds, and gold or silver. It was a favored adornment during the Mughal Empire, and Rajput women were known to wear exquisite and ornate designs set in Kundan, Polki, or uncut diamonds. The charm of Haath Phool was not limited to Indian culture alone; it was also embraced by Persian dancers who wore similar designs.

Later, the Nawabi culture further embellished Haath Phool by adding pearls, which gave rise to the magnificent Pearl Haath Phool. However, the glitter and grandeur of the ornament slowly disappeared over time and became associated with tribal and Banjara communities who wore beaded or metallic versions. The aesthetics of the Haath Phool were significantly altered, removing its regal appeal.

But today, the Haath Phool has become exceedingly popular, stylish, and fashionable-looking. It can be worn as a stylish ethnic decoration or as grungy metal jewelry inspired by street style. With its versatility, there's no wonder why it's a favorite among brides who wish to add a majestic touch to their Mehndi-adorned hands.

Classic Kundan Haath Phool, Jadau, And Polki
The Haath Phool is a timeless piece of jewelry that has undergone a transformation in recent times. Designers are combining traditional elements with modern inspirations to create stunning pieces that capture the essence of this beautiful adornment. Renowned designers like Manish Malhotra, Anju Modi, Tarun Tahiliani and others have come up with their own versions of Haath Phool that people from all walks of life admire. However, if you prefer the more classic and traditional varieties, you'll be delighted by the range of stunning designs available at Silvermerc. These Haath Phools are available in a wide range of precious and semi-precious metals, including gold, making them a perfect fit for any budget or occasion.

Haathphool with Florals: Adding Radiance to the Bride's Look
Floral jewelry has become essential to every bride's Mehandi and Haldi rituals. The Haath Phool, adorned with marigolds, roses, dahlias, jasmine, tulips, and other flowers, or even fake ones, can add a youthful and charming touch to the bride's appearance.

Gota Patti Haathphool: Delicate and Expertly Woven Hand Bracelets
Another popular type of Haath Phool is made from delicate Gota-Patti, woven into floral patterns and strings to adorn the bride's hands. Its popularity has spread widely, and is now an integral part of traditional bridal jewelry.

Phool in Fake Material and Party Dress: Perfect for Formal and Informal Occasions
Haath Phool is not just limited to traditional occasions but can also add an eccentric touch to Western apparel. From simple chain and ring attachments to bangles made of gold or silver, there are numerous creative designs to choose from. Materials like leather, faux fur, lace, beads, metals, and even repurposed materials can be used to create unique hand bracelets suitable for party wear.

Hathphool Attributes: Eight Rings on Both Hands, Wrist Bangle, and Floral Adornment
The bride traditionally wears the Hathphool, which consists of eight rings on both hands, excluding the thumb rings. These rings are linked to a beautiful wrist bangle and a floral adornment on the top of the hand. The chain hanging from the backs of both hands represents the goddess's power to protect the bride.

Silvermerc Provides a Variety of Hathpan Varieties Online
Multi-Ring Hathpan
For the bride who desires extravagant jewelry, the Multi-Ring Hathpan is a perfect choice. Featuring beaded chains connecting to the bracelet and multiple finger rings, this Hathpan showcases the fingers with multiple rings and exquisite chain ornamentation.

Kundan Hathphool
For a traditional touch, the Kundan Hathphool is a must-try. These authentic Kundan or Jadau patterns feature stones arranged in flowery patterns and decorated with small pearl beads. Ideal for any woman who appreciates accessorizing her appearance.

Dainty Sparkling Hathpan
If you prefer a lighter and more delicate jewelry look, the Dainty Sparkling Hathpan is a perfect choice. This Hathpan features a primary chain adorned with zircon stones that sparkle enough to make a statement without overpowering.

Antique Peacock Hathpan
The Antique Peacock Hathpan is a great option for those who appreciate vintage designs. These Hathpans have peacock themes and are embellished with a small cluster of beads to provide a touch of grandeur. Pair it with silks or brocades to mimic the South Indian Queens seen in antique art.

Vogue Designer Hathpan
For a modern twist on Hathpans, the Vogue Designer Hathpan is an excellent choice. These designer-inspired Hathpans elevate the accessory to the position of a statement piece rather than a simple ornament. They feature gorgeous fashion diva extensions with zircon stonework.

Bangle Hathpans
If you prefer a more comfortable fit, the Bangle Hathpans is a great option. These Hathpans feature embellished chains connecting from a single ring Hathphool to cuff bangle bracelets, making them easy to wear and use. Stay up with fashion trends and look fabulous on your wedding day with these bangle Hathpans.

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