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Hathphool, a timeless adornment symbolizing grace and tradition, continues to reign supreme in bridal fashion. Explore Silvermerc's exquisite collection of hathphool, crafted to elevate your bridal ensemble to new heights of elegance. Whether you prefer delicate floral designs or intricate traditional motifs, we have the perfect bridal hathphool to complement your attire. Shop Hathphool online in India and add a touch of sophistication to your wedding ensemble.

Discover Our Exclusive Collection Of Hathphool

With our amazing variety of hathphool, the traditional Indian hand jewellery that has featured on women's hands for centuries you can enhance your style initially. The jewellery piece which covers from the wrist to the fingers, is a vital accessory for people who appreciate finer things in life. It is a unique combination of sleek style and traditional history. 

Offering the most affordable prices in India, we offers users many options of fashionable hathphool for bride. Our collection is skillfully developed ensuring that each piece reflects the class and sophistication for which we are known. Our online store is the perfect destination if you are seeking a perfect bridal hath phool or simply desire to add some elegance to your outfit. 

Types Of Hathphool Which Are Famous & Trending

Known for its outstanding and varied collection of jewellery, we offer a range that fit different styles and occasions, with each piece displaying a combination of standard creativity and modern design. Here are some of the most widely recognized variants: 

Traditional Gold-Plated Hathphool:

The beautiful Traditional Gold-Plated bridal hath phool perfectly reflects the rich heritage of the culture of India. These handmade hand ornaments frequently feature antique designs that have been valued and passed down through the ages. In addition to its traditional Gold-Plated hath phool visually appealing, it additionally can connect the wearer to the ancient traditions and exquisite design of Indian jewellery creation. 

Ad Hathphool:

This form of hand jewellery combines the affordability and variety of quartz with the appeal of diamonds. The "AD" signifies the American Diamond. This modern twist on traditional Indian jewellery is a piece that combines an element of traditional elegance with modern tastes. 

Pearl Hathphool: 

A popular piece of jewellery is placed on the hands, particularly on the back and fingers. The meaning of "pearl" describes the type of gemstone used in jewellery, which is typically round, small and shiny. The Hindi term "hathphool" means "hand flower."

Pairing Hath Phool With Outfits

This may provide your appearance with an extra sense of elegance and ethnic flair when paired with specific apparel. Here are some styling tips for wearing hath phool with different outfits: 

Traditional Indian Attire:

Saree: Select a saree made from silk or something with plenty of embroidery in vibrant colours like royal blue, green, or red. A pearl or gold accessory will look beautiful when combined with the classic design. 

Anarkali Suit: Pick a floor-length Anarkali dress with complex patterns or embroidery. Match it with jewellery featuring bright gemstones or gold detailing. 

Lehenga Choli: Wear a lehenga choli that has plenty of embroidery or beautiful zari work. For an overall effect, complement the colors and embroidery of your lehenga with matching jewellery or accessories. 

Fusion Outfits:

Indo-Western Dresses: Pairing a modern bend, either one with sleek metallic finishes or intricate patterns, with sophisticated Indo-Western clothing. 

Kurti with Palazzo: To bring together traditional and modern qualities, combine a plain kurti with palazzo pants and complement it with a hand accessory adorned with colorful beads or crystals.

Western Outfits:

Evening Gowns: Wearing a small pearl accessory may provide your evening gown with a sense of cultural identity. Adopt a design that has western wear features that enhance the gown's improvement. 

Cocktail Dresses: Mix an impressive piece of fashion jewellery with glowing gemstones or a complex design with a cocktail dress. To achieve an eye-catching effect, choose colors that either contrast or complement the fabric. 

Casual Outfits:

Maxi Dresses: Add an adorable accessory with pearls and important chains to a simple flowy dress to render it a bit more elegant. Pick a simple design to give your look a hint of apparent sparkle. 

Bohemian Outfits: Wear a decorated hand accessory with natural elements that include feathers, shells, or pearls to embrace the bohemian atmosphere. Wear it on top of your other hand accessories for a casual appearance. 

Why Choose Silvermerc for Your hathphool?

Selecting Silvermerc for your hathphool online shopping offers plenty of benefits and advantages. 


Known for its fine artistry, we develops highly detailed and excellent. As a result, each piece is expertly handcrafted by skilled craftsmen, and every design is carried out with precision and attention to detail. 

Quality Materials:

We make from high-quality materials, including sterling silver. In addition to being both durable and hypoallergenic, sterling silver provides jewellery with an appealing shine that enhances it.

Variety of Designs:

A wide range of designs are available that suit various tastes and occasions. Regardless of what you like for traditional subjects, modern designs, or classic styles, you may come across that matches perfectly with your outfit and fits your taste.


1. What Is Hathphool?

hathphool is a traditional Indian jewellery piece that adorns the hand, connecting bracelets to finger rings through delicate chains, embodying elegance and cultural heritage.

2. How Do I Choose The Right Hathphool For My Wedding?

Choose a hathphool whose colour, structure, and style fit perfectly with the elements of your bridal outfit. To make sure it enhances your wedding day looks, take into account the depth of the work, the variety of metal, and the gemstones utilised. 

3. Can I Wear Hathphool With Western Outfits?

Yes, you can make an original and unique fashion choice by combining hathphool with western garments. To provide your new look with an exotic flavour, opt for a plain design. 

4. How Can I Buy Hathphool Online From Silvermerc Designs?

Explore a variety of hathphool designs by visiting Silvermerc's online store. Select the perfect products, put in your purchase, and take satisfaction in a simple online shopping experience that ensures that the best traditional and modern designs will be delivered right to your door.