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Style Your Bridal Look with Silvermerc Designs Best Online Maang Tikka

Adorning hair with maang tikka has been a timeless tradition in India. Hair accessories holds a pivotal role in the bridal trousseau. Among the 16 bridal ornaments of Solah Shringar, a bride's jewellery is deemed complete with a centre headpiece. The maangtikka and damini are an integral pieces of this head jewellery collection, Tika stand out as key elements.

Antique mangtikas and daminis, also known as matha patti in certain regions, have evolved into mainstream jewellery items. They feature a central pendant-like piece (the tikka) with an attached chain securing it to the hair, referred to as serai.

Daminis also known as rakhdi boasts a more elaborate design, incorporating side chains extending from the central pendant to the middle one. The complexity of daminis varies, with designs comprising at least three or more chains. To enhance their allure and auspiciousness, mangtikas and daminis are adorned with motifs such as temple, floral, leaf, coin, etc.

The exquisite pairing of bridal maang tikkas with sarees or lehengas enhances the bride's stunning appearance. Customization options are available with online jewelry brands like, allowing brides to tailor these maang tikka for wedding based on the color and design of their bridal wear. Bridal headpieces, headwear jewelry are known for their indian cultural values, traditional designs, and vibrant use of gold and gemstones.

Explore Elegant Maang Tikkas for Wedding

Maang tikkas, a forehead jewelry worn by hindu bride as jewellery with their exquisite and traditional allure, hold profound cultural significance in India. In certain regions hindu also call mangtika as bindi. Primarily associated with weddings, these beautiful indian jewelry for hair are a perfect fit for various joyous occasions. Beyond Indian weddings, bridal mangtika grace festive events like cultural celebrations, religious ceremonies, and traditional festivals. Shop indian hair ornaments like maangtika, mathapatti in USA, Canada from Silvermerc online jewelery shop

Maang tikka gold are beautiful forehead ornaments worn on different occasions. Here's when you can wear them:


Maang Tikkas are a symbol of beauty and Longevity of groom for brides. Explore our bridal maang tikka collection to find the perfect Mangtika for your special day.


Add a touch of cultural richness to your festive look with our Maang Tikkas. In some pooja maangtika is an essential part of married hindu women adornment. Choose from colorful and intricate head ornaments that make you shine.

Special Events:

Whether it's an engagement, sangeet, or any special celebration, our hair ornament are designed to make you look glamorous and elegant.

Everyday Wear:

For those who appreciate tradition in their daily life, we offer simpler pearl Maang Tikkas that add a touch of elegance to your everyday attire.

Maang Tikkas come in a wide range of american diamond, kundan, gold, silver and beaded styles, making it easy to find one that matches your outfit and style. Whether you're a bride, a guest, or dance performer who appreciates the beauty of Kundan maangtikas, there's a perfect occasion to wear them and feel graceful and traditional. Explore the variety and elegance of heavy maang tikka for bride to enhance your beauty on every special occasion.

Types of Indian Maang Tikkas Commonly Worn In Weddings

Mukut or Maang Tikka: 

Mukut is a traditional Indian headpiece that adorns the center of the forehead. It typically features a central pendant with chains or strands draping down the hair.

Nethichutti (Maang Tikka with Chains): 

Nethichutti is a mangtika style unique to India, characterized by multiple chains that extend from the central pendant to the hair. The chains may be adorned with pearls, beads, or additional pendants.

Temple Maang Tikka: 

Inspired by the architecture of South Indian temples, golden maang tika features intricate temple jewellery. It may have traditional motifs like deities, peacocks, or floral patterns. They are often worn while performing Bhartnatyam dance or kuchipudi dance.

Papidi Billa (Hair Slide or Pin): 

Papidi Billa is a hairpin adorned with gemstones or intricate gold work. It is used to secure the hair and is often part of bridal jewellery sets.

Kundan Maang Tikka and Damini:

Experience unparalleled beauty with the fusion of intricate Kundan craftsmanship and antique mangtikas  and daminis. The result is a meticulously crafted hair accessory that elevates your hairstyle with regal charm. Embellished with Kundan, Polki, or CZ stones and beads, these kundan headpiece and daminis perfectly complement your Kundan bridal jewellery. Whether adorned during a wedding or any festive celebration, they effortlessly infuse a subtle touch of royalty into your entire ensemble.

These Indian head jewellery, golden maang tika, are integral parts of traditional attire, especially during weddings and festive occasions, adding a touch of cultural richness and sophistication to the overall look.

Top Styling Ideas with Maang Tikka:

Discover how to make a fashion statement with a maang tikka by exploring these stylish tips:

Necklace and Maang Tikka Combo

Instead of the conventional necklace and earrings set, experiment with a maang tikka paired with a stunning kundan necklace. This combination exudes trendiness, sophistication, and elegance. Whether you opt for an open, closed, or deep neckline, this style choice adds a contemporary flair to your look.

Earrings and Maang Tikka Harmony

For a chic and fashionable twist, skip the necklace and go for a striking combination of heavy maang tikka and long chandbali earrings. This pairing is not only elegant but also makes for an alluring party wear jewelry ensemble. It's a fresh take on accessorizing that enhances your overall style.

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Variety of Styles: We offer a wide range of Mangtikas styles, from traditional to modern, ensuring you find the perfect jewel that complements your outfit and personal style.

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Q1: What is a Maang Tikka?

Maang tikkas, an essential element of bridal jewelry sets, play a significant role in enhancing your beauty and allure. This headpiece is traditionally designed to adorn the sixth chakra on the forehead, adding a touch of elegance to your bridal look. It is specifically worn as forehead jewellery consists of a central pendant attached to a chain that rests on the hair.

Q2: How is a Maang Tikka worn?

To wear a mangtika, the central pendant is placed at the center of the forehead, and the chain is secured into the hair, creating an elegant and ornate look.

Q3. Where can I buy Maang Tikka online in India?

At Silvermerc, we offer a stunning collection of mangtikas that you can purchase online in India. Explore our exquisite range of designs, including Kundan, Rajasthani,Temple, Jadau, and american diamond maang tikka online. Our platform provides a trusted and convenient way to shop for authentic and high-quality head jewellery, ensuring that you find the perfect piece to adorn your special moments. Shop with confidence at Silvermerc for your maangtikka needs.

Q4. What is the average Maang Tikka price?

Mangtikas in India come in various price ranges, accommodating diverse budgets. Affordable options ranging from ₹200 to ₹500 offer stylish yet budget-friendly choices. Mid-range selections between ₹500 and ₹1500 strike a balance between design intricacy and cost. For those seeking premium and luxury options, mangtikas can go beyond ₹5000, featuring high-quality materials and exquisite craftsmanship. Your selection depends on your budget and the level of sophistication you desire for your jewelry.