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Maharashtrian Nath, a symbol of Maharashtrian culture, holds deep significance in Indian weddings. Rooted in tradition, it adorns the bride's nose, symbolizing marital bliss and prosperity. Explore Silvermerc's exquisite collection of nath, blending traditional craftsmanship with contemporary elegance. From classic traditional designs like pearls, beads, and intricate patterns to modern interpretations, find the perfect Marathi nath design to complement your bridal attire. Step into the timeless charm of Maharashtrian tradition with our handcrafted naths, available online in India. Embrace the essence of heritage and grace on your special day with our nath collection.

Discover the Charm of Maharashtrian Nath

Maharashtrian nath adds a sense of elegance and heritage to any outfit with its rich patterns and cultural importance. This nath has become a part of Marathi tradition for centuries, originating from the colourful state of Maharashtra. Wearing a marathi nath to a wedding, festival or any occasion offers a touch of style to your classic outfit. 

Explore Our Exclusive Collection of Maharashtrian Naths

We at Silvermerc are happy to have selected a beautiful collection of marathi nath design to suit any style and occasion. Our collection includes a variety of perfectly and carefully produced designs, from classical to trendy. A valuable addition to your jewellery collection, each piece displays the rich culture and work of Maharashtra. 

Pearl Nath

Our pearl naths are stylish and classy, enduring. These naths, which are crafted with lovely pearls and rich silver additions are perfect for official events and festivals. There is something in the collection for everyone, no matter your taste for detailed or simple designs. 

Meenakari Nath

With our beautiful Meenakari naths, you can add a dash of color to your outfit. These naths are displays of carefully designed traditional jewel work, featuring their detailed designs. They are available in a range of designs and colors and they expertly mix traditional beauty with modern design. 

Stone Nath

These beautiful stone Naths, filled with sparkling gemstones, will turn heads. Each stone, from magnificent rubies to sparkling diamonds, is selected by hand and carefully attached to various arrangements that leave an appealing impression. These naths are beautiful for weddings as well as special occasions, and they will attract attention wherever you go. 

Kundan Nath

Explore the magnificent charm of Kundan naths by loving our superb collection. These naths reflect class and richness since they are crafted with important jewels and uncut diamonds. Whether you select a traditional design or a modern twist our Kundan naths are sure to make you look beautiful. 

How to Style Your Maharashtrian Nath With Traditional Attire

Anyone who want to fully appreciate the beauty and cultural significance of Maharashtrian bridal style must understand how to style a marathi nath design in traditional outfits. Traditionally dressed by Maharashtrian brides, a nath is not only a beautiful piece of jewellery but also an icon of culture whose unique appeal and superb craftsmanship improve the bridal look. Here is how to pair a Maharashtrian Nath with your traditional clothes to the ultimate:

Choose the Right Attire

The Paithani is a traditional Maharashtrian saree famous for its beautiful silk weavings and bright colors looks beautiful with the marathi nath design. These sarees usually feature golden patterns and borders that go perfectly with the gold finish on a Nath. It can be paired with other traditional ethnic wear such as lehengas or Anarkali suits. 

Select Complementary Jewellery

Even though the Nath is a beautiful item, it is important to pair it with other pieces of jewellery to create a unique style. Choose traditional Maharashtrian jewellery such as gold jhumkas, Kolhapuri Saaj and Thushi necklaces. Try pairing any pearl or stone designs on your Nath with similar elements in your necklaces, earrings, and hair accessories

Why Choose Silvermerc for Your Maharashtrian Nath

It is essential to select a suitable seller while picking a Maharashtrian Nath which is more than just a jewellery item but additionally a valued cultural icon. For a variety of strong reasons Silvermerc is the ideal choice when searching for a Maharashtrian Nath online:

Authentic Designs

Offering traditional marathi nath design that are carefully made with respect of tradition is something that Silvermerc takes great pleasure in. Each piece combines traditional concepts and methods that have been passed down through decades representing the rich cultural heritage of Maharashtra. 

High-Quality Materials

We understand the importance of quality, specifically in bridal jewellery. Because they are made from finest materials, our naths not only offer an appealing look but also maintain over the years. Using quality lookalike materials or pure silver, we ensure that each Nath meets high standards of quality. 

Wide Range of Options

To make sure that every bride gets the Nath that best matches her taste and the occasion, we offer a wide variety of patterns and styles. Our collection fits a wide range of styles and wedding concepts, from classy Kundan and stone-studded pieces to simple and stylish pearl Naths. 


What Is Maharashtrian Nath?

In Maharashtra, India, ladies traditionally wear nose rings termed "Marashtrian naths." It is of great a cultural significance and has been used for festivals and weddings. 

What Materials Does Silvermerc Use to Make Maharashtrian Naths?

At Silvermerc, we make our Maharashtrian naths from the finest materials such as enamel, pearls, gemstones and sterling silver. 

How Do I Buy a Maharashtrian Nath from Silvermerc?

It is easy to purchase a Maharashtrian nath from Silvermerc. Simply visit our website, explore the unique collection, select out the perfect design, and finish the purchase process. For your convenience, we provide doorstep delivery and safe payment options.