Our Story

How We Emerged

Silvermerc Designs did not come about overnight. Silvermerc Designs is really the culmination of the family's unwavering dedication and decades of commitment.

The family started offering sterling silver jewellery within the Pink City Jaipur's fortified walls in 1919. The tiny shop expanded significantly to also include enormous showrooms and numerous businesses. The family was given the honour of providing high-end companies and prominent figures with their innovative designs.

The Source of inspiration
But the small craftsmen and artisans who had been working for the family for generations were left behind. Silvermerc Designs was established in 2012 by our founder Deepika Agrawal to promote artisanal craft and livelihood sustainability. To construct an international platform for artistic designs, she established "Silvermerc Designs."

By infusing contemporary elements into the traditional designs, she gave them a distinctive quality . As soon as word spread about our platform, artisans from various fields began to approach us. We took the decision to offer fashionable accessories and jewellery. We encourage artisanal goods that are sustainable.

Silvermerc Designs holds the view that "rather than feeding a man a fish, teach them to catch fish."

Someone once criticized our founder, "You could have donated and supported them, why this?"

"A modest regular meal will give greater enjoyment and inner satisfaction to a dignified human being than a splendid feast served as a donation," she remarked. "We think that a community that is educated and competent will be a largely happy and content part of society. Earning with dignity and spending with choice is a pleasure in itself.”

Every piece of jewellery we sell features a rural woman's hand-tied knots of love in the shape of pearls.

In our business, we educate unskilled rural women and give them a happy life.

The person who meticulously crafted each stone on the jewel smiles from ear to ear. They smell like the soil they were carved and inscribed upon. They reflect the creator's soul, which shows their beliefs and various moods.

At Silvermerc Designs, each jewel is a manifestation of the company's love and respect for a storied past and diverse culture.

What started as a baby step has grown into a journey toward happiness and the sustainability of green, environmentally friendly attire.