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Heavy American Diamond Jewellery Set

Heavy American Diamond Jewellery Set

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A Heavy American Diamond Jewellery set typically refers to a collection of jewelry pieces that feature large, bold, and intricate designs, adorned with American diamonds (cubic zirconia). American Diamond sets are known for their statement-making appearance and are often chosen for special occasions, weddings, or formal events. They are more affordable than natural diamonds, making them a popular choice for those seeking a luxurious and glamorous look without the high cost. The designs can vary widely, ranging from traditional and intricate patterns to more contemporary and modern styles.

Length of Necklace -12 cm, Width of Necklace - 4cm, Length of Earrings - 4.5cm, Width of Earrings - 1.5cm

Wipe your jewellery with a soft cloth after every use Always store your jewellery in a flat box to avoid accidental scratches Keep sprays and perfumes away from your jewellery Do not soak your jewellery in water. Keep the jewellery in airtight plastic pouch or cotton cloth after every use. Clean your jewellery using a soft brush, dipped in jewellery cleaning solution only


Length of Necklace - 14 cm, Width of Necklace - 4.5 cm,

Length of Earrings - 6 cm, Width of Earrings - 3.5 cm



American Diamonds

Faux Ruby

Care information

1. Keep your jewelry clean and dry.
2. Remove your jewelry before going to bed.
3. Your jewelry should be the last thing to put on.
4. Avoid wearing jewelry in course of excessive sweating.
5. Store your jewelry properly in containers.
6. Avoid wearing jewelry in wet or moist conditions

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