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Gold Plated South Indian Matha Tikka

Gold Plated South Indian Matha Tikka

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Our Gold Plated South Indian Matha Tikka will make a distinctive statement. Featuring a gold plated south Indian style design, this piece adds a touch of elegance and beauty to any outfit. Perfect for a special occasion or everyday wear.

A Gold Plated South Indian Mang Tikka is a traditional headpiece that features the South Indian Maang Tikka design, but instead of being made of solid gold, it is crafted with a gold-plated finish. This type of headpiece offers an affordable alternative to solid gold jewelry while retaining the elegance and charm of the traditional design.  The Mang Tikka in South Indian style is known for its elaborate and traditional designs inspired by temple art and cultural motifs.

Length - 11.5 cm Width - 3.5 cm

Care information

1. Keep your jewelry clean and dry.
2. Remove your jewelry before going to bed.
3. Your jewelry should be the last thing to put on.
4. Avoid wearing jewelry in course of excessive sweating.
5. Store your jewelry properly in containers.
6. Avoid wearing jewelry in wet or moist conditions

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