Silvermerc Designs celebrates Dr. Mehak Kaushik

Silvermerc Designs celebrates Dr. Mehak Kaushik - Celebrity Cosmetologist

Dr. Mehak Kaushik - Celebrity Cosmetologist

Silvermerc Designs celebrates the success story of Dr. Mehak Kaushik. She has changed the life of many girls and women. Besides being a successful entrepreneur and professional she is mother to a son. She helped them in boosting their confidence by her treatments and guidance on skincare. Skin is the largest organ of human body. And we often neglect it. But due to Doctors like her we know how to take care of it in right manner and eradicate our skin problems with right treatment.

Dr Mehak Kaushik is a highly experienced and skilled cosmetologist with expertise in a wide range of treatments and procedures. It's impressive that she has treated over 50,000 patients from all over the world and has customised pre-bridal treatments for brides and grooms. Her clinic in the heart of the pinkcity of India i.e C-scheme, Jaipur by the name of Dr. Mehak Cosmetology.

She has an expertise in laser hair reduction , advanced brightening peel , skin brightening treatments, hair prp , vampire facials , medical facials , pre bridal treatments, anti aging treatments , botox and fillers , carbon peeling , microneedling RADIOFREQUENCY , hydrafacial , full body brightening treatments, acne peels , acne scars treatment, hair stem cell treatment and many more .

She has customised pre bridal treatments for brides and grooms . She has brides and grooms from all over Rajasthan visiting her for her expertise .

Dr. Mehak Kaushik has developed her own line of skincare products under the brand name Panacea. It's great to see that she has taken into account the needs of her patients and the gap in the market for certain products. The range of serums available under the Panacea brand seem to be very extensive and designed specifically for Indian skin types, which is important.

Panacea Brand has aha bha skin brightening facewash to a moisturiser, a great sunscreen and a wide range of serums the brand has everything, the ingredients are all well researched and are scientifically proven .

The serum range include
Day care serum
Nightcare serum
Anti aging serum
Anti acne serum
Anti pigmentation serum
Brightening serum
Hydrating serum
Niacinamide serum
Hyaluronic serum
Vitamin c serum

They are all designed for Indian skin types .
Specially the sunscreen is an spf 50 ,pa +++ sunscreen for all skin types including sensitive skin and acne prone skin . It leaves no white cast and doesn’t make the skin darker after a few hours . Has blue light protection for protection against gadget use . Also with easy spreadability it’s very light and works well with makeup.


It's also great to hear that the sunscreen has an SPF 50, PA+++ rating and provides protection against blue light, which is important in this day and age when people are spending more time in front of electronic devices. The fact that it doesn't leave a white cast and works well with makeup is also a huge plus.

Overall, Dr Mehak Kaushik seems like a highly skilled and innovative cosmetologist who is passionate about her work and the needs of her patients.

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