Silvermerc Designs celebrate 14 inspiring women from India

A trailblazer with creative mind : Priya Choudhary

A trailblazer with creative mind : Priya Choudhary

As an entrepreneur, it is believed that success is not only achieved by having big dreams, but also by acting courageously to make those dreams come true. Countless obstacles have been overcome with a never-say-die attitude and an unshakeable belief in one's abilities. The drive and ambition of Priya Choudhary are matched only by compassion and generosity.

Axestrack, known as India's first Unified Digital Logistics company, was co-founded by Priya Choudhary, and a variety of duties have been taken on over the years, resulting in perpetual business growth. The position has been nothing less than thrilling and dynamic, ranging from leading marketing initiatives to developing solid client connections, from promoting hiring and sales to managing crucial operations and finances intended to satisfy the logistics industry's current and future needs and aspirations.

As a digital logistics company, clients are collaborated with to provide end-to-end customized digital capabilities for developing an enterprise digital thread. This thread starts with enabling basic telematics and progresses to seamless integration with enterprise resource planning (ERP), deep analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), and other technologies to manage fleet operations and supply chain management.

Success at the business involves more than just growth and profits; it also involves having a positive influence on the world. In addition to logistics and supply chain-related activities, there is a strong commitment to CSR programs. Methods are always being sought to affect positive change, whether it is through donating to local charities, giving time and resources, or implementing sustainable practices.

Through leadership and innovation, significant impact has been made on the supply chain industry, paving the way for the team to succeed in this field. Moreover, efforts are made to change the world, whether it is through humanitarian endeavors, the generation of new products and services, or job creation. Green logistics has also been incorporated into CSR activities to lessen the carbon footprint and support a healthy environment by putting into place eco-friendly practices, such as cutting carbon emissions, improving delivery routes, and employing renewable energy sources. Being a business that is motivated by both purpose and profit, the individual and the team will continue to do everything possible to have a positive influence.

Priya's journey has been thrilling so far, and the individual is eager to keep expanding the horizons of what is practical for the firm. With each step taken, new ground is being broken and unexplored territory is being ventured into.

Silvermerc Designs celebrates Priya Choudhary success as today she employs more than 300 white collar engineers, professional people under her. She is a mother to a son and beautifully handles her responsibility at both ends with dignity.


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