What are the types of Earrings?

What are the types of Earrings?

A woman's jewelry collection almost always includes earrings. Ear Jewelry frame a face and complete a look.

Metals Earrings can be made of any metal, including stainless steel, but we'll start with stainless steel because it's the only metal to which some people may be allergic. Nickel is the most common metal allergy, and it can cause blisters, itching, a rash, and swelling.

Choose nickel-free metals like 18K yellow gold, platinum, titanium, brass, copper, and sterling silver if you have a nickel allergy. White gold should not be used because it typically contains nickel. You can buy plastic covers to protect your ears if you already have earrings with nickel, but these only work with certain types, like studs. All metals work if you don't have a nickel allergy.

When choosing a metal, take your complexion into account as well. With white or silver jewelry, fair skin tends to look better. The warmth of yellow gold makes darker skin tones shine.

Types of Earrings

1.CLIP-ONS The world went pierced pretty much everywhere in the 1970s, so clip-ons are no longer very popular. A hinged pressure clip on the back of the ear or a screw that attaches to your earlobe hold clip-ons in place literally. Although there aren't many clip-on shoes that are as comfortable as others, there are some that are well worth the investment.

Probably the most common type of earring is the stud Earrings.

Diamond studs are popular because the surface of the earring only contains a single, stunning gem. Whether they have gemstones or not, studs look great on narrow faces and can be worn to dress up jeans and a t-shirt or complete a night out look. While travelling it is always better to wear American Diamond Earrings to avoid the fear of loosing it while adventures, or keeping it in hotel safe which are not safe at all. It allows you to travel tension free.


A classic hoop is a piece of metal that goes around the ear from the front to the back, leaving room for the earlobe to pass through. Smaller hoops are more subdued and refined, whereas large, thin hoops are trendy and young. Hoops can be made of plain metal, decorated with a few gems, or they can be covered in diamonds. For a more daring appearance, there are asymmetrical hoops. Hoops, which are extremely adaptable and look great on a square face, are a classic business or weekend look for many women.


Drop earrings are "ear pendants" that are worn just below the earlobe and can be made entirely of metal or with gemstones or diamonds. In contrast to chandeliers, drop earrings typically lack movement (see below). Drop styles are great for business and can be worn with any length of hair.

Chandelier earrings, a longer and more intricate variation of the drop earring, are often striking due to their shape, length, and size. Chandeliers are attractive to women with heart-shaped and oval faces and are ideal for those who enjoy drama and movement. They also give women round faces that make them look slimmer, but keep in mind that they can get caught in long hair. Before you buy one, you should think about how much they weigh on your earlobes because they are usually made of multiple gems and metal elements and are so long.


Threaders have a simple chain—known as the "thread"—that slides through your piercing, allowing the design—whether gem, diamond, or all metal—to hang free in the front. They are versatile and easy to wear. They may be simple to wear due to the lack of a back closure. Simply insert them and move! Heart-shaped faces look great with curvy threaders. Like with other dangly earrings, you should take care not to get them caught in your clothes or in your hair.


You won't have to worry about them getting caught in your hair or clothing here! Huggies are a newer type of hoop earring that run through your piercings and hug the earlobe. They are typically small and thick. They can be etched, studded, or feature other types of worked metal, and their thickness lends itself to the design of rows of gemstones or diamonds.


Ear cuffs are designed to fit securely over the outer ear cartilage and do not require piercings (although some include a chain that can connect to your piercings). Earrings in this design can be simple cuffs or have metal or gem dangles. Almost always, they are sold as singles. Women with very short hair or hair that clearly shows their ears look great in ear cuffs. But take care: It is simple to lose an ear cuff if it does not fit properly.

Earring backs aren't particularly exciting, but you should be aware of what holds your earrings in place to avoid losing them. In general, the backings of fine jewelry are better.


This type of closure has a single wire post that extends from the back of an earring and inserts into the post or stud that is located behind the earlobe. Push backs, push-back clips, friction backs, and tension backs are all other names for these.


The screw back is similar to the post back, but the wire that comes out of the earring is actually a screw that screws into the stud backing. This style is similar to the post back. Higher-end jewelry typically has screw backs because nobody wants to lose an earring or a diamond set in platinum.


A post runs through the ear piercing into a hinged loop shaped like an "omega" in Greek, which is basically an upside-down "U." This loop covers the post and holds it in place. Earrings with an omega backing are common, but because they are an adaptation of the clip-on backing, they can be uncomfortable if they are not designed correctly. But if you like what you find, a jeweler can properly adjust the backs.)


Frequently, dangly earrings have latch or lever backings. A latch or hinged lever on the back of these earrings holds a hook in place as it passes through the pierced earlobe.


To secure the earring, a curved wire, similar to a fish hook, is threaded through the piercing. It does not "lock down" like a lever backing or latch. However, because the wire is typically quite long and provides balance behind the ear, it is frequently worn with dangly earrings like threaders.

This back has a hinged piece of metal that goes through the ear and snaps into a latch on the opposite side of the earring. It is common in hoop earrings. 

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