8 Different Types of Jhumkas Earrings Design in India

Jhumka earrings are a traditional kind of jewellery that are loved by women for a long time. They add value for every fashion jewellery collection because of their appealing patterns and versatility. The full guide will lead you through various jhumka designs and help you choose the perfect pair that will finish your look and transform your style. 

Types of Jhumkas

A variety of jhumkas are available from Silvermerc, each with a personal charm and design. Here are some of the most popular types: 

Traditional Jhumkas

Gold-plated Classic Jhumkas Earrings for Women Online

The traditional jhumka is unique in its beautiful design and traditional bell style. These jhumkas are frequently embellished with gemstones, pearls and beautiful designs. They usually consist of gold or silver. They are an essential product for weddings as well as other festive occasions because they look stunning combined with traditional Indian clothing like sarees and lehengas. 

Meenakari Jhumkas

Gold Plated Blue Meenakari Pearl Jhumka Earrings for Women Online

The beautiful jewel work of Meenakari jhumkas is widely known. These Rajasthani jhumkas are famous for their beautiful designs full with colorful jewels which create an impressive contrast. Whether paired with a traditional or modern outfits. Meenakari jhumkas are an ideal way to add an element of color. 

Temple Jhumkas

Oxidised Silver Temple Jhumka Earrings for Women Online

South Indian temple architecture is an origin of influence for temple jhumkas. These jhumkas are usually made of gold and have beautiful designs and they usually represent gods and goddesses. Temple jhumkas are perfect for holy ceremonies and special occasions because they have a royal touch. 

Pearl Jhumkas

Gold Plated Sterling Silver Pearl Jhumka - Earrings for Women Online

Pearl jhumkas are a symbol of class and elegance. These jhumkas display an attractive design because they combine beautiful pearls with metals like gold or silver. Pearl jhumkas are a favorite among women of all ages because they are versatile and fit perfectly with both traditional and modern outfits. 

Kundan Jhumkas

Gold Plated Handpainted Kundan Pink Jhumka Earrings for Women Online

Kundan stones, made from pieces of glass set in gold or silver, are utilized to decorate Kundan jhumkas. These jhumkas are perfect for big parties and weddings because of their royal and rich look. A show-stopper in any jewellery collection, Kundan jhumkas are made of sparkling stones and beautiful patterns. 

Oxidized Silver Jhumkas

Oxidised Silver Jhumki Earrings for Women Online

Because of an individual method that gives the silver a dark in color, faded appearance, oxidized silver jhumkas possess a rustic, outdated aspect. These jhumkas go perfectly with a casual and formal outfitS, which makes them perfect for an ethnic or rustic style. They are ideal for daily use because they are comfortable and lightweight. 

Antique Jhumkas

Oxidised Silver Antique Peacock Jhumka - Earrings for Women Online

Antique jhumkas have timeless designs that have been handed down over many decades. Usually crafted from gold or silver, these jhumkas may include beautiful embroidery, pearls and gemstones. Antique jhumkas are perfect for individuals who appreciate timeless, classic jewellery. 

Stud Jhumkas

The refined look of stud earrings and the attractiveness of jhumkas come together in stud jhumkas. The jhumka dangles below the top stud part of the earring, which can include a gemstone or a simple metal design. Stud jhumkas match well with both traditional and modern outfits, making them one of the trending earrings for individuals who like a more delicate look.


1. Which types of jhumkas are best?

The perfect types of jhumkas style differs based on the situation. Jhumkas from temples and Kundans are ideal for festivals and weddings. Oxidized silver and stud jhumkas are perfect for daily use. Pearl jhumkas and meenakari add richness to any outfits. 

2. What is the origin of Jhumka earrings?

Temple dancers in South India were the first people to put on jhumka earrings. Their beautiful craftsmanship and designs became popular across India throughout time, raising them to a status of a valued addition to traditional Indian jewellery. 


Here are severral types of jhumka earrings including  traditional and versatile style of  jewellery that can enhance any outfit. With a variety of designs to select from, there is a perfect pair of jhumkas for any occasion. Choose the perfect jhumka to add to your jewellery box and make a statement by exploring Silvermerc collection. 

You can find the perfect different types of jhumkas with names that match your style and explore how to style them in different outfits by following our detailed guide. Get the best jhumkas at Silvermerc to give your jewellery collection a classy touch. 

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