Silvermerc Designs Celebrates Dr. Arpita Jain

Silvermerc Designs celebrates dentist Dr. Arpita Jain

Dr Arpita Jain - A dentist by Profession

Dr. Arpita Jain is a mother of two beautiful girls, fortunate wife, daughter, and a firm believer in perseverance. She owns Jain Dental Clinic at Vaishali Nagar, Jaipur where patients are relieved of their dental problems and educated about the importance of oral health in life by Dr. Jain and her team.

The journey of Dr. Arpita Jain has been a culmination of her constant desire to move ahead while dealing with life's challenges as they come. School education was completed from MGD Girls' school Jaipur, and Bachelor in Dental Surgery in 2006 was obtained from Ahmedabad. In 2007, she got married (her husband is an engineer) and worked as an associate with various private practices in Ahmedabad, Gurgaon, Delhi & Pune before moving to Malaysia in 2009, as it was a great opportunity for her husband, and their first daughter was a year old. They stayed in Malaysia and later in Saudi Arabia for over seven years, where Dr. Jain pursued a Master in Public Health, along with devoting time to her family as their second daughter was born.

During her stay in Malaysia and Saudi Arabia, Dr. Jain worked as a Public Health educator as she was unable to practice dentistry in those countries. Being away from parents as well as from her core profession brought them back to Jaipur in 2017, and her husband started his own business. Dr. Jain brushed up on her dental skills with some great Mentors, worked as an associate before finally starting her own practice. She always believed that things can be learned at any stage in life, given we devote ourselves entirely towards them. Blessings from the almighty, family support, and guidance from mentors and experienced personnel are invaluable during such times.

It is worth mentioning that Arpita firmly believes women can achieve anything they set their eyes on, if they have belief in themselves.

Silvermerc Designs celebrates her success as a dentist after years of gap. Her story is an inspiration to those women dentists who takes a break from their profession for settling down with family. Her journey proves that there is always a comeback. What you study always remains with you. You just need to brush up your skills and take a leap of faith.

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I am lucky to have Arpita Jain as my sister. It is so nice to see her thoughts and yes I am testimony to the grit she displays. Wish her all the best for her efforts

Arpit Kothari

Gr8 Arpita. All the best and congratulations for your success n beautiful journey. Way to go more ahead.

Ruchi Narang

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