Jewellery Accessories that Complete Indian Bridal Look

When it comes to completing an Indian bridal look, choosing the right jewellery is just as important as selecting the perfect outfit. Jewellery not only enhances the bride's beauty but also adds a sense of tradition and elegance to her overall appearance. In this blog, we'll take a closer look at the must-have jewellery accessories that every Indian bride should consider, whether they're shopping in stores or browsing jewelry accessories online, to achieve a stunning and complete bridal look.

Mangalsutra: A Sacred Symbol of Union

The mangalsutra holds immense significance in Indian weddings, symbolizing the sacred bond of marriage. Traditionally crafted with black beads and intricate gold or diamond pendants, this iconic piece of women's jewelry accessories represents the eternal union between husband and wife.

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Bridal Jewellery Sets:

Bridal jewellery sets encompass a harmonious blend of necklace, earrings, and sometimes even a maang tikka or nose ring, meticulously designed to complement the bride's attire. These jewellery sets often feature elaborate designs, intricate patterns, and precious gemstones, adding opulence and grandeur to the bridal ensemble.

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Bangles (Chooda or Kangan): Symbols of Tradition

Bangles, also referred to as chooda or kangan, carry profound cultural significance in Indian weddings. Traditionally adorned by Punjabi and Rajasthani brides, these jewellery accessories are intricately crafted in vibrant hues of red and white, symbolizing fertility, prosperity, and marital bliss.

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Maang Tikka: Enhancing Facial Radiance

The maang tikka is a delicate piece of hair jewellery adorned by Indian brides, positioned at the center of the forehead. This exquisite accessory, considered a crucial part of wedding accessories jewelry, not only enhances the bride's facial radiance but also adds a touch of sophistication and grace to her overall look.

Nose Ring (Nath): A Cultural Statement

The nath, or nose ring, is a traditional Indian accessory that holds cultural significance in various regions across the country. Often adorned with pearls, diamonds, or intricate designs, the nath symbolizes the bride's beauty, auspiciousness, and marital status.

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Anklets for Women:

Anklets, also called payal or pajeb, are intricate foot jewellery accessories worn by Indian brides to adorn their ankles. These tinkling anklets, often decorated with ghungroos or tiny bells, infuse the bride's footsteps with a melodious charm, symbolizing joy, prosperity, and marital happiness.

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Waist Belt (Kamarbandh):

The kamarbandh, or waist belt, is a decorative accessory worn around the waist by Indian brides. Crafted with intricate designs and embellished with gemstones or pearls, the kamarbandh accentuates the bride's waistline, adding elegance and allure to her bridal attire.


Including these must-have jewellery accessories in her bridal attire allows the Indian bride to radiate timeless elegance and charm on her big day. Whether it's the captivating maang tikka or the intricate waist belt, each accessories is essential for completing her bridal ensemble and infusing the celebration with tradition and glamour. With their symbolic importance and exceptional craftsmanship, these jewellery pieces become treasured heirlooms, passed down through generations, carrying forward the rich legacy of Indian weddings.

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