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How to Match Jewellery with Sarees - Tips and Tricks

Wearing jewellery that complements your saree will make you appear more put together and beautiful. Knowing how to match jewellery with saree types will make a huge impact, whether you are getting ready for a wedding, an enjoyable celebration or a social occasion. The following tips will help you choose the perfect piece of jewelry for your saree. 

Why Matching Jewellery with Sarees Matters?

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It is important to understand how to match jewellery with saree because it brings your outfit together and displays the beauty of both the jewellery and the saree. The perfect combination can show off your unique style and make you stand out. Here are some explanations for its importance:

  • Enhances Appearance: Perfectly matched jewellery adds interest to your saree's beautiful details. 
  • Creates Harmony: An outfit creates balance and unity when it is organized. 
  • Reflects Personality: Your unique choices and lifestyle can be represented through the jewellery you select. 

How to Match Jewellery with Saree

Consider the Occasion

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The occasion is an important factor when choosing the latest jewellery trends, especially when figuring out how to match saree jewellery. Go for heavy elaborate pieces for weddings or celebratory occasions. Go for stylish yet simple jewellery for formal events. Choose simple, minimalist clothing for casual gatherings.

Coordinate with Saree Colors

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The colors of your saree need to be matched by your fashion jewellery. Here is how to go about it: 

  • Monochrome Look: To make an organized combination, make use jewellery that matches the color of your saree. 
  • Contrast Look: To leave an unforgettable impression, select jewellery with contrasting colors. For a bold look, try pairing gold jewellery with a blue saree. 

Match the Fabric and Embellishments

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Your saree's fabric and designs will affect the jewellery you select.

  • Silk Sarees: Gold jewellery beautifully enhances the rich color of silk sarees. 
  • Chiffon or Georgette Sarees: Delicate and light jewellery works perfectly with these types of materials. 
  • Heavily Embellished Sarees: Select simpler jewellery if your saree has plenty of detailing to keep it from appearing overloaded. 

Style of the Saree

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The design of the blouse and the style and draping of your saree influence how you select your jewellery. 

  • Traditional Drapes: Consider antiques like traditional jhumkas or temple jewellery set
  • Modern Drapes: Select the latest designs like pieces with simple or geometric shape. Simple pendant chains will perfectly match your outfit.

Types of Jewellery for Different Sarees

Matching Jewellery for Silk Sarees

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Silk sarees are beautiful and are often worn on formal occasions. Pair them with: 

  • Gold Jewellery: The luxuriousness of silk can be enhanced by traditional gold settings with detailed designs. Choker necklace will be perfectly paired with a Silk Saree.
  • Temple Jewellery: Beautiful objects that are rich with tradition and significance. 

Matching Jewellery for Cotton Sarees

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Cotton sarees are perfect for casual or semi-formal events. Pair them with:

  • Oxidized Silver Jewellery: Adds a chic and rustic touch.
  • Beaded Jewellery: Lightweight and colorful, perfect for a simple, elegant look.

Matching Jewellery for Designer Sarees

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Designer sarees often feature unique patterns and fabrics. Pair them with:

  • Statement Pieces: Bold and eye-catching jewellery that stands out.
  • Pearl Jewellery: Elegant and timeless, adding a touch of sophistication.


1. How do I choose the right jewellery for a silk saree?

Gold jewellery or traditional temple jewellery looks beautiful with silk sarees. These pieces provide a sense of elegance while displaying the fabric's richness. 

2. Can I wear silver jewellery with a saree?

Actually, silver jewellery can look beautiful with sarees, especially ones crafted from cotton or georgette. It can be styled for formal and casual occasions and offers an element of rustic charm. 

3. How can I match jewellery with a modern saree drape?

Modern jewellery designs match perfectly with modern saree drapes. Mixed metals, geometric shapes, and simple designs can enhance the modern look. 

In conclusion, knowing how to match jewellery with saree types will boost the whole look and display your individual taste in style. You can put together beautiful and organized outfits by taking into consideration the occasion, saree color, fabric, style and unique tastes. Find the perfect pieces for your saree by exploring Silvermerc Designs' amazing collection.

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