Silvermerc Designs celebrates Woman Entrepreneur Arpita Mehta Paliwal

Silvermerc Designs celebrates Arpita Mehta Paliwal - Food Stylist & Menu Engineer

Arpita Mehta Paliwal - Menu Engineer & Food Stylist 

 Arpita Mehta Paliwal is a multi-talented professional with expertise in food styling, content writing, menu designing, and chef training. Her brand, Food Owl, trains underprivileged women for sustainable employment and produces snacks and pickles with heirloom recipes for pan-India sale.

Her culinary skills, design acumen, and superlative aesthetics in food and styling have provided immense learning and has led her to execute various projects for top-end brands.
Some notable ones are- Hola Chef, 90 feet above, Dewano da dhaba, Harry’s bar and kitchen, Kailash Parbat (across locations), Cello, Bajaj Electricals, Grover Sons, TPK banquets, Artisanal Skincare, Jiwa foods, etc in Mumbai and across the globe.

Arpita has also run her own boutique café, One Point Six in Versova, Mumbai, and a micro bakery, Food Owl, in Jaipur. Through her brand, Food Owl, she has undertaken several social causes such as women empowerment and poverty alleviation. Food owl bakery churns out select breads, cakes, and other baked goods, custom-made without preservatives.

Arpita Mehta Paliwal has not only showcased her culinary skills through food styling and menu designing for top-end brands but has also used her talent for a social cause.  The bakery creates custom-made bread, cakes, and other baked goods without the use of preservatives. Arpita's efforts to empower women and alleviate poverty through Food Owl are commendable and showcase her dedication to making a positive impact through food.

Arpita’s approach to food is heartfelt, and she believes that food prepared with love and care reaches the soul. Her work is not just a means to survive but to create meaningful and beautiful experiences for people through food. Arpita is a beautiful soul inside out. She pursues her passion of paying it forward in her own unique way. Silvermerc Designs appreciates her work and dedication towards underprivileged women.

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